Wednesday, June 18, 2008

my my my...

this is officially the longest i've gone without posting and for that, i am very sorry. i have been very busy, you know, and i'm sure you're all sitting on pins and needles as you read this. so here goes:

1. the new job: i absolutely LOVE it still and i'm learning more and more each day. i very much enjoy the people on my team, they are very helpful, encouraging, and fun to be around. i'm actually going to my first Fossil happy hour tomorrow night, which should be fun. as for the's too good. there's an actual store at the headquarters just for corporate employees - too good.

2. the apartment: i absolutely LOVE it also. i never thought i'd actually love living alone this much! aside from the late-night call to whitney sobbing about how i was worried about being lonely...i've been so insanely happy. i have all this time to myself to do what i need to do and to be the best mommy i can be to little boston. it only takes me 10 minutes to get to work and i come home for lunch every day. and don't worry, once the apt is all set up the way i want will see some photos. 

3. boston: she's always been very independent and a little wild and crazy. i was worried about how often i was going to be leaving her alone while i'm at work and i was especially concerned about how that would affect her behavior (she has a chewing problem). so i started reading this book by the dog whisperer (you know that show with cesar millan?) called "Be the Pack Leader". since i've started reading it and taking his advice, boston has been a much better behaved dog and our relationship has improved so much :) cute, huh? we go on 1-2 walks per day (to check the mail or walk around the little lakes in our complex). it's actually been great for me, too! being outside walking around a little every day - while you're in the office most of the day, really makes you in a better mood. oh yea, and her 1st birthday is this weekend! party time! (and birthday time for willow, too!)

4. what have i been doing the past week and a half without internet or TV alone in my apartment, you ask? movies. that's right, i've been watching tons and tons of movies. mostly romantic comedies. actually, all romantic comedies. watching funny people fall in love is very great for you mood too :) AND - the great and wonderful danilicious has introduced me to the fabulous world of NETFLIX. it is so amazing, i am addicted. 

5. brady is wonderful. he's coming to visit me july 4 weekend - i have that friday off, wee! 

6. so i'm pretty much set at this point. i finally have my wireless internet set up, i have my DVR, and most everything in my place is set up! bethany, lauren and i are making a little venture to IKEA on saturday (after an evening of SATC marathoning). 

so there you have it, my life in a nutshell. God is so good to me. i promise my next post will be more detailed and visually stimulating...but i simply must get back to my chai tea and audrey hepburn film. 


ps. come visit me - you never know when this good mood might go sour....