Monday, March 2, 2009

my fix

lately i've been feeling quite restless with myself. it's an overwhelming feeling really, that feeling of...where is my life going? i'm not stressed out about it, i'm not sad, i'm just...restless. i've come out of this 'sick of school, sick of learning, i just want to have fun' phase of my post-college existence and have had this craving for a richer quality of life. at first, i thought this restlessness would get the best of me and that i would never be able to quench it, but i've come up with a few methods for my fix, which have subsequently turned into addictions.

1. "52 in '09" - my plan is to read 52 books in 2009. i decided this about a week and a half ago, so for a while, i will need to be averaging 2/week to catch up. i'm halfway through my 3rd book and feelin' good. I've read the first 2 Twilight books and am about to finish On the Road by Jack Kerouac. If you have any favorite books you'd like to recommend, give me a shout out ;)

- on a side note, i really love Twilight. like, really love it - i've gotten 2 of my coworkers to be vampire-obsessed with me, and 2 more are about to break. we've seriously turned into a book club of sorts.

2. beef up the netflix - i've added every film that has won an academy award for best picture over the last 20+ years or so (and many that were nominated). not to mention, movies with actors/actresses who won for their performances. i have truly started to appreciate cinema for what it is: a beautiful, living art form. i'll average about 2 movies a week (probably more). mindless chick flicks are going on the back burner for a while...unless they happen to have won a prestigious award. no offense to the romantic comedies (although it IS my favorite movie genre, after all).

3. i'm currently planning a few domestic vacations: Seattle, Washington - it is supposed to be very similar to Austin (swoon) and it's by the water. i've been doing a little online researching and i'm sold - definitely will be spending a weekend there in the next few months (ivy...we're doing it). i'm also planning a road trip that involves Nashville and Atlanta - i think Whit is going to be my accomplice, which will be a thrill ;) that will most likely be a 5 day adventure. KH and i also want to take a mini-vacay someplace where we can lay and soak up the sun and sip some margs. cozumel? cabo perhaps? it's in the works. now, about saving up the dough to get me to all these places....

so that's my simultaneous 3-step program. constantly reading, sporadically watching films, and perpetually planning trips. i'll let you know how it helps my curious case of restlessness :)