Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy love-day

i'm really glad i have wonderful friends, i am so thankful for my adorable parents, boston is the best dog in the entire world and my roomie is so amazing.

good things. good things. i'm feeling the love. 

can you see right through me? i'm trying really hard not to be my usual v-day-hater self. especially because i am so blessed. my life is a gift from God, anything else i get is gravy. 

my plans for the weekend:
- spa treatment with the roomski
- mani with my mommy
- going out on the town with roomie and friends :)

maybe i'll watch schindler's list...i did get it in my netflix today...


Thursday, February 5, 2009

10 truths.

so ivy tagged me AGAIN :) and i have to list 10 truths about myself. which is ok because i have to write a facebook note listing 25, so i'll just have some overlapping information. 

1. i want to have a lot of kids, probably brangelina-style. i've been thinking about that a lot lately.

2. i like singing - in the shower, in the car, in bars. i'm kind of shy about it because i don't want to be that girl who thinks she's good at singing and then everyone makes wide eyes behind her back because she's godawful. i know i'm not anything special, but i think i'm alright. i've always wished i could be a singer.

3. i am really good at impersonating people. sometimes i think i should audition for SNL. 

4. i wish i was 3 inches shorter. i think short people are cute, not to mention lucky, because there are more guys that are a lot taller than them. and i like to feel small.

5. i hated reading in high school. the only book i think i read all the way through was A Tale of Two Cities (which i enjoyed) and in college, i hated reading even more (except my fashion textbooks, obviously). i felt like being rebellious because i hated being TOLD what to read. now i regret it and wish i was more of a reader.

6. i WISH i was cool enough to be a music and movie snob. i try, but i'm a poser.

7. i am embarrassed to say that i'm an only child because i'm scared that i fit the stereotype. i hate the stigma that goes along with it, i envy people who have siblings, and i HATE when i have to come out and say that i'm an only child to someone, and they go, "OOOOOOOOOH, i see." 

8. it is really hard for me to just have a 'friend'. you're either one of my best friends, or you're an acquaintance. i am way too open with people and want to know everything about a person (and want them to know everything about me) to just have 'friends'. i would much rather have a few really really close friends (or small tight groups of friends) than have a ton of 'peeps'. 

9. i think making out is super fun. 

10. i don't take super good care of my teeth. sure, i brush them before i go to bed, but i'm not a regular flosser and sometimes i just gargle mouthwash or pop in some whitening gum in the mornings to fake it. scratch that, practically every morning. probably shouldn't have said that after disclosing #9. dumbass.


Monday, February 2, 2009

freaking february

january was a flash. can we just skip right over to march? i am so not in the mood for february this year. this is the month when people get a little nuts and i don't like it one bit. never have.

sorry that was so short. i literally have nothing to report (as you can see from the previous post). maybe i'll get more interesting in the next few days....