Thursday, October 2, 2008


howdy strangers. i got a lot to say so bear with me, it's been a while.

work is going really well. i'm constantly learning and have so much freedom to be creative. i love the people i work with and i'm always giggling in my cube with my boss, Christy (not to be confused with my future roommate and coworker, Kristy). but i'll get to that.

my team has these HR meetings every once in a while to discuss team building. we all had to get this book and take a "Strengthsfinder Test" online. Once you take this test, it tells you what your 5 strengths are, out of like 37. The book is all about focusing on improving your strengths instead of focusing on your weaknesses (because those are pretty much lost causes). it sounds wierd but it's really very intriguing. my #1 strength is Harmony. it was dead on. 

i won't type up the entire description of said "strength" but i will tell you one small detail: harmony people do not like disagreements. they feel uncomfortable with conversation and when people have differing opinions and want to debate, harmonious people will need a paper bag to hyperventilate into. 

which is why i must say that elections are not my favorite time of year. everyone's talking about their opinion - most of the time not caring what anyone else thinks (if it is different from theirs of course) and an immense amount of bashing occurs. to me, this whole thing seems like a lose-lose situation. no matter what you believe or who you're planning on voting for, SOMEONE is going to think that you are stupid or ignorant or insensitive or naive or "misinformed". this is an uncomfortable place for us harmonics. we thrive on positivity and acceptance of all opinions, but most of all, we thrive on respect. we see absolutely no point in picking fights if nothing will get accomplished but the someone's feelings getting hurt. opinions are like a**holes, everyone's got them, and most of them reek of their owner. i respect that you have an opinion. i hope you respect that i have mine. but let's not sit here and argue over who's ass smells better. it's just gonna get messy.

on a lighter note, my friend from work, Kristy (not to be confused with my cube-buddy and boss, Christy) and i decided to move in together! i added her to my current lease and we are transferring to a 2-2 in a different building in my complex. it's SO cute. it's very spacious, on the second floor, and has a view of the little lake and walking trail. it is really the perfect situation, we are giddy schoolgirls. and we move in on OCTOBER 25th!! 3 weeeeeeks!

On monday nights i play on a co-ed softball team in arlington with some friends from high school. i am definitely not as good as i once was. in fact, i get made fun of for running so slow. awesome. we do have a ton of fun, despite being 0-3. But our team, the Sticky Bandits, will prevail.

Good things are happening here. I adore The Village Church. I joined a home group bible study that meets on Tuesday nights. i've been twice now and i absolutely love it. the girls there are so warm and inviting. most of them are either going through starting a new job and adjusting to post-college life, or they have just gone through it and can encourage the rest of us. we're serving dinner at a homeless shelter next tuesday (and every 2nd tue of the month after that) and they have a cute little book club too. i'm really starting to feel like i belong here, like i have a life here. God is so good to me. I am quickly learning that it does not matter how much i can physically accomplish - if i'm not pursuing Christ with my whole heart, i'm empty. 

That's my little life in a nutshell and my quest for perfect harmony as of October 2nd. i miss you people a ton. i am so blessed to have such amazing friends, thank you for being you.
Boston and i go to arlington a lot to visit my parents. this is a photo of us lounging around.