Friday, December 19, 2008

tagging? what? i'm confused.

ok, so i am not quite sure what this whole thing means...but here is the 4th photo from the 4th "event" (i don't have albums, my photos are divided into events on iphoto) on my computer: 

no lie. this is actually the photo.

and now to explain myself: this was taken during last christmas break when brady and i were on one of our many drives back and forth to austin/arlington/hamilton etc. i decided it would be entertaining to wrap my scarf around my head and pose as a ninja to scare brady as he was driving. it was less scary and mostly ridiculous. 

this past weekend was AMAZING. expect some crazy photos to be posted on facebook :)


Sunday, December 7, 2008

goings on

my sincere apologies for taking over a month to post...this is part of my birthday present to ivy (who got on to me for not blogging in a long time). happy birthday ivylicious! may i remind you, however, that no blogger is worse than whitney, that little hooker hasn't written since february :)

the new roommate sitch is going extremely well, KH and i are having an absolute blast. she's been showing me around town and helping me realize that dallas isn't so's actually kind of awesome. i fought it for so long, always saying that nothing is better than our beloved austin (i still believe this to be true), but dallas is coming pretty close. we're even hosting our own little christmas party this wednesday night! i wish y'all could be there :(

here is KH and i out on the town. i think you girls will love her...
Thanksgiving was really nice. we had a low key lunch, just me, my parents  and grandma. i made jalapeno creamed corn (delish recipe from a coworker) and sweet potato casserole. it was a really nice little vacation from work and time spent at home. 
the pops.
I've also been to a couple of concerts this month, very exciting. KH had tickets to COLDPLAY and invited me to go with her (special roomie date!). we went out to dinner before and then went to the AAC and rocked out. it was an incredible show. absolutely life changing. if you don't have the album, viva la vida, get it. immediately. 
this past friday i went to 'how the edge stole christmas' at nokia theater. there were a bunch of bands there, but the only ones i wanted to see were snow patrol and death cab for cutie. i went with a couple friends from work, austin and ben. we had SO much fun, our tickets were actually really good, too. both of them talked to the band from like the 25th row. at one point, austin screamed "I LOVE CHRISTMAS" to snow patrol and the lead singer asked him if he needed a cuddle, to which austin responded "YES". it was a really special moment.
here is me and austin, super giddy about death cab (and no, that isn't just a random creepy guy behind us, that's ben)
so that is what i've been up to in a nutshell. i'm still loving the village church and my home group. they are some amazing girls. God has been blessing me with wonderful new friendships and such peace. i have officially become a dallasite. who knew? 

aaand after christmas my family is going to VEGAS for a reunion :) brady is going to get to come too so we're pumped about getting to spend some time together. i haven't gotten to see him for a few weeks so hopefully we will be able to plan something for before we go to vegas. bos and i miss him!

OH, and how could i forget how VERY excited i am about this weekend because ... (angels start to sing)...i'm going to HOUSTON for a little vacation!! i can't WAIT to see my little poison ivy, captain whit and shivy!! 


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

no news is good news? nope.

i am very sorry that i haven't blogged in a while. it's not even because i don't have anything great to report - i totally do, it's just that i have been so busy here that i forget that you all don't magically know everything that's going on without me typing it out.

as most of you know, brady and i broke up about a month ago. we were having some issues with long distance and our spiritual lives and thought it best to separate for a while. i still love him, of course, but i think this is best for us right now. i need to make a life for myself here. Dallas isn't temporary - i have a career here. i have new friends. i have a church community. i need to stop having one foot in austin and one foot in Dallas (as much as i love Austin...)

we still talk. he came to visit this past weekend and it was great to see him. we're really just wanting to focus on our pursuit of Christ before anything else - and to be honest, it has given me such wonderful peace. i really am doing so well. i am now in a home group through my church (the village) that meets on tuesday nights - and the girls are amazing. they have really embraced me and made me feel at home here. and now i have a roomie! we're having a TON of fun. visitors welcome.

oh, and i spent the afternoon doing market and trend research at the mall. i got paid to go shopping - because it helps me do my job. how lucky am i??

i love and miss you all so much. i promise that next post will be more detailed and juicy. namaste.

no news is good news? nope.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


howdy strangers. i got a lot to say so bear with me, it's been a while.

work is going really well. i'm constantly learning and have so much freedom to be creative. i love the people i work with and i'm always giggling in my cube with my boss, Christy (not to be confused with my future roommate and coworker, Kristy). but i'll get to that.

my team has these HR meetings every once in a while to discuss team building. we all had to get this book and take a "Strengthsfinder Test" online. Once you take this test, it tells you what your 5 strengths are, out of like 37. The book is all about focusing on improving your strengths instead of focusing on your weaknesses (because those are pretty much lost causes). it sounds wierd but it's really very intriguing. my #1 strength is Harmony. it was dead on. 

i won't type up the entire description of said "strength" but i will tell you one small detail: harmony people do not like disagreements. they feel uncomfortable with conversation and when people have differing opinions and want to debate, harmonious people will need a paper bag to hyperventilate into. 

which is why i must say that elections are not my favorite time of year. everyone's talking about their opinion - most of the time not caring what anyone else thinks (if it is different from theirs of course) and an immense amount of bashing occurs. to me, this whole thing seems like a lose-lose situation. no matter what you believe or who you're planning on voting for, SOMEONE is going to think that you are stupid or ignorant or insensitive or naive or "misinformed". this is an uncomfortable place for us harmonics. we thrive on positivity and acceptance of all opinions, but most of all, we thrive on respect. we see absolutely no point in picking fights if nothing will get accomplished but the someone's feelings getting hurt. opinions are like a**holes, everyone's got them, and most of them reek of their owner. i respect that you have an opinion. i hope you respect that i have mine. but let's not sit here and argue over who's ass smells better. it's just gonna get messy.

on a lighter note, my friend from work, Kristy (not to be confused with my cube-buddy and boss, Christy) and i decided to move in together! i added her to my current lease and we are transferring to a 2-2 in a different building in my complex. it's SO cute. it's very spacious, on the second floor, and has a view of the little lake and walking trail. it is really the perfect situation, we are giddy schoolgirls. and we move in on OCTOBER 25th!! 3 weeeeeeks!

On monday nights i play on a co-ed softball team in arlington with some friends from high school. i am definitely not as good as i once was. in fact, i get made fun of for running so slow. awesome. we do have a ton of fun, despite being 0-3. But our team, the Sticky Bandits, will prevail.

Good things are happening here. I adore The Village Church. I joined a home group bible study that meets on Tuesday nights. i've been twice now and i absolutely love it. the girls there are so warm and inviting. most of them are either going through starting a new job and adjusting to post-college life, or they have just gone through it and can encourage the rest of us. we're serving dinner at a homeless shelter next tuesday (and every 2nd tue of the month after that) and they have a cute little book club too. i'm really starting to feel like i belong here, like i have a life here. God is so good to me. I am quickly learning that it does not matter how much i can physically accomplish - if i'm not pursuing Christ with my whole heart, i'm empty. 

That's my little life in a nutshell and my quest for perfect harmony as of October 2nd. i miss you people a ton. i am so blessed to have such amazing friends, thank you for being you.
Boston and i go to arlington a lot to visit my parents. this is a photo of us lounging around. 

Monday, September 15, 2008

not too much going on.

hello all.

sincere apologies for not posting in a while, but my internet is on the fritz at the apartment. i'm at work right now - it's been pretty slow lately since the development process is over for the spring 1 line. this is very exciting news because it means that MY work will begin. when i say 'my', i mean, my designs and interpretations of the direction that fossil is moving on the "modern-vintage continuum". i won't be developing things that other people came up with anymore. fun fun.

i seriously can't believe i get paid for this. it absolutely does not feel like work. 

and now for a little section i'd like to call: Finding the Drama in Every Perfectly Great Situation.

I got my dream job right out of college. most people's first jobs are low down on the totem pole and they pay their dues to get to where they want to go. they have goals for their job, and entire years where they just work towards to the next promotion. 

i am perfectly happy where i am. sure, there is room for promotions & raises within my actual position - but that's just going to come with time. i'm not working hard to "get noticed" so that the boss can save me from 40 hours a week of grunt work. i don't dread coming to my cubie, in fact, i love it. 

here's the drama: it is hard to transition from the life of working towards something to a life of just working. period. i can't make time go faster. no matter how hard i work, i won't get my first raise until a year has passed. the things i am looking forward to are not things that you can control: marriage, babies, domestic bliss, etc. i'm just waiting it out - which is funny, because isn't that what we're doing here on earth anyway? just living as faithfully as we can until Jesus picks us up?


on a lighter note, my mom and i got some new makeup this weekend - the bare escentuals collection. it's SO me. very natural. you can sleep in it - which is good because i ALWAYS sleep in my makeup. bad, i know, but i'm just lazy. i'm still learning because i have no clue how to apply eye makeup - but the good thing is i have a DVD and booklet ;)

this makeup line is on Laura's highly recommended list.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

some cool things i know.

i went to austin this weekend and it was so much fun. i got to see some great friends i hadn't seen in a long time and spend a lot of quality time with brady. since i hadn't seen him in 5 weeks, i was pleasantly reminded of how much fun we have together - and how in love with him i am. 

i also got to see dani get a tattoo! i am very proud. she has a beautiful, simple heart on her wrist. of course, getting the tattoo was way more painful that she had expected. after she told us how bad her wrist was hurting, brady says, "now you know how jesus felt". classic brady.

april and heather - i must personally apologize for not getting to see you when i was in town, i hope you will forgive me. i must say that 94% of my time in austin was with brady and i know that you two can definitely relate to how important it is to spend quality time :) but do not fear - i will be back in austin for labor day weekend (3 days yay!!)!

anyway - i do have to leave you with something that brady introduced me to. it's a song that is absolutely lovely and inspiring. please listen and love. the video is beauty.

brooke fraser. shadowfeet. see above, it is now part of my blog.

when the world is falling out from under me
i'll be found in you - still standing
when the sky rolls up and mountains fall on their knees
when time and space are through - i'll be found in you

Thursday, August 14, 2008

read this second. another out-of-order post.

ok before you go to this link, read my post below. 

after writing my last post, i felt really guilty and googled "michael phelps". 

this was the first hit google gave me. note that i wrote that BEFORE i read this article.

and this is me resting my case. 

i love the olympics....but...

i am sick of all this frickin swimming. i mean - congratulations, athletes, you can swim fast. but seriously how many different races can they put together for ONE SPORT. there are 4 different strokes (ha, i just thought of that show) and one all-4-combo, but within each stroke there are like all these different lengths and stuff. it's SWIMMING. 

i'm sick of michael phelps too (gasp). yea. i'm sure he's a really nice guy and all, but him being "the most decorated olympian in history"? please. he does ONE sport. this implies that he is like a superhero who does like 4 sports. just because you do the same thing like in 34 different ways doesn't really distinguish him among other olympians. Misty May and Kerri Walsh DOMINATE sand volleyball, but they will only get 1 gold medal per olympic year they compete (to phelps' 6+ per year for swimming). they won't get gold medals for "best dig" or "best block". softball players don't even get to count their olympic golds anymore because they dominate too much. now i commend michael phelps for his incredible achievements in his sport (singular). but i think that he should be referred to as "the most decorated SWIMMER in olympic history". because that's what he is. you think those badminton players are any less successful as him in one olympic season if they just win one gold medal? NO. they are both specialists in one sport. 

plus...i only like when the do those underwater views of the swimming races. they look cooler. on the surface it's harder to see stuff cause the splashes.

i think i'd rather sit through Mama Mia! again than have to see another freaking swimming race. 

ok i take that back. swimming wins. but i won't like it. 

more commentary on the 2008 olympic games coming up soon.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Part II

welcome to the tour of Laura's new apartment in Richardson, Texas. i've lived here for almost 2 months now - i can't believe it! time is blowing by me. work has been really great (aside from a little mishap on friday that i will explain to you now):

owen wilson is apparently friends with the top people at fossil and he comes and hangs out at corporate a couple times a year. well, friday was one of those times. i saw him in the art library reading while i was walking with some people to the corporate store (which is only open wed mornings and fri afternoons). that was pretty cool, i nonchalantly took a picture with my iphone and made it look like i was texting. so swank. anyway, when i get back from the store, there was a cluster of people in my and christy's cubie area. they told me that they were looking all over for me because owen had come in to the sundeck to see the men's sunwear line. he took a 2009 sample. I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE TO SHOW HIM THE LINE - IT IS MY LINE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. owen wilson will most likely be photographed wearing MY sunglasses and i wasn't even the one to give them to him. everyone felt very sorry for me. i wanted to scream. being THE design/development coordinator for men's sunglasses should be a real perk for when important (famous) people come to visit Fossil, because who doesn't like to get new sunglasses? but i missed my first opportunity. that bites.

onto the tour!
here is boston wondering why i'm taking pictures of our apartment. the second picture is her realizing that she was indeed the one being photographed, so she had to pose. i live with a model.

ok - below is my living area: bistro table, bookshelf and the view of the living room from my kitchen sink. 

here are more kitchen photos: my stove and drink maker, a view from the living room (and also of boston's eating area) and the fridge. that room to the right of the fridge is my laundry room. i don't have a washer/dryer yet so i use it for storage and boston uses it as a bathroom. if you're wondering what those photos are above boston's bowl, they're black-and-white shots of boston running outside. also "beware of dog".

i hope you've enjoyed part 2 (actually this is part 1 for you since you're reading it from top to bottom). i really like living here and love visitors...

sorry about the wacky formatting. organizing posts with numerous photo is challenging so bear with me.

Part I

so here it is. i have come to the point where i feel all moved in to my new place - so now i can show it to the world (or the select few who care). the photos are a bit out of order and this is only part 1 of 2, but here goes:

here is my shower and potty. i use these two babies every day. 

behold, the other half of my bathroom. i like the lights above my mirror. it makes me feel like a celebrity getting ready in an old-fashioned dressing room.

here is the part of the tour where you get really jealous of how humungous my closet is (she snickers).

my bed and notorious wardrobe from ikea. the mannequin is serving as a scarf rack, but maybe someday she will be used in a more creative way.

my bedroom. 
i found a really mod bookshelf at ikea that i use as my headboard. very functional - i love it. new curtains from (who is fast becoming a close friend).

and here is my front door and living room. there was really no method to my decorating, it's very ecclecticized (obviously made-up term), but it feels like me.

this is the view of the place when you walk in the front door. my bedroom is on the other side of the red wall.

this is also what you see when you walk in the front door. living area to the right, kitchen to the left and down the hall on the right is the bedroom, across from which is my bathroom. the door straight ahead leads nowhere. the fossil bag hanging on the doorknob to the door that leads nowhere is filled with sunglasses - big surprise.

Since you are probably reading this from the top down, this is the end of the tour. i truly hope that you will get to see it in person (if you haven't already). i have incidentally become a very good hostess and enjoy having guests (so does boston).

thanks for taking my tour.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th and stuff

i promised ivy that i would post, although there is not so much to report. 

brady came in town this weekend! we had so much fun. it was really nice to have him here. we went and saw fireworks in the park, had dates, and just hung out together. he makes me really happy :)

i also really like fireworks - they are so cool. just sitting there watching them made me feel happy. it makes me excited to think that someday i'll be taking my kids to see fireworks, it's just something you do every year, like christmas. 

something else that has been making me happy is netflix. dani has given me one of the coolest gifts ever and opened me up to the fantastic world of movie heaven. i've been watching a lot of classics - very lovely. if you have any suggestions let me know ;)

the apartment is pretty much done! i love it so much. i keep it very clean, which may surprise some people, but it's true. visitors are welcome anytime. 

ok i promise my next post will be way more interesting. i'm a little preoccupied with my current netflix: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" - an 80's Sarah Jessica Parker flick - HA!

love. miss. namaste.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

my my my...

this is officially the longest i've gone without posting and for that, i am very sorry. i have been very busy, you know, and i'm sure you're all sitting on pins and needles as you read this. so here goes:

1. the new job: i absolutely LOVE it still and i'm learning more and more each day. i very much enjoy the people on my team, they are very helpful, encouraging, and fun to be around. i'm actually going to my first Fossil happy hour tomorrow night, which should be fun. as for the's too good. there's an actual store at the headquarters just for corporate employees - too good.

2. the apartment: i absolutely LOVE it also. i never thought i'd actually love living alone this much! aside from the late-night call to whitney sobbing about how i was worried about being lonely...i've been so insanely happy. i have all this time to myself to do what i need to do and to be the best mommy i can be to little boston. it only takes me 10 minutes to get to work and i come home for lunch every day. and don't worry, once the apt is all set up the way i want will see some photos. 

3. boston: she's always been very independent and a little wild and crazy. i was worried about how often i was going to be leaving her alone while i'm at work and i was especially concerned about how that would affect her behavior (she has a chewing problem). so i started reading this book by the dog whisperer (you know that show with cesar millan?) called "Be the Pack Leader". since i've started reading it and taking his advice, boston has been a much better behaved dog and our relationship has improved so much :) cute, huh? we go on 1-2 walks per day (to check the mail or walk around the little lakes in our complex). it's actually been great for me, too! being outside walking around a little every day - while you're in the office most of the day, really makes you in a better mood. oh yea, and her 1st birthday is this weekend! party time! (and birthday time for willow, too!)

4. what have i been doing the past week and a half without internet or TV alone in my apartment, you ask? movies. that's right, i've been watching tons and tons of movies. mostly romantic comedies. actually, all romantic comedies. watching funny people fall in love is very great for you mood too :) AND - the great and wonderful danilicious has introduced me to the fabulous world of NETFLIX. it is so amazing, i am addicted. 

5. brady is wonderful. he's coming to visit me july 4 weekend - i have that friday off, wee! 

6. so i'm pretty much set at this point. i finally have my wireless internet set up, i have my DVR, and most everything in my place is set up! bethany, lauren and i are making a little venture to IKEA on saturday (after an evening of SATC marathoning). 

so there you have it, my life in a nutshell. God is so good to me. i promise my next post will be more detailed and visually stimulating...but i simply must get back to my chai tea and audrey hepburn film. 


ps. come visit me - you never know when this good mood might go sour....

Monday, May 26, 2008

movin' on OUT

i found an apartment and i move in on june 2. that's a week from today. YIKES!

i absolutely love this place. it's less than 5 miles from Fossil, 
it's gated, and has 2 beautiful pools, lovely landscaping (very pet-friendly), a workout facility, basketball courts, 2 duck ponds/lakes that have walking/jogging trails around them, and it's in a GREAT part of Richardson. 

i got a GREAT price on a 1-1 that's 720 square feet. perfect amount of space for boston and me. since i work til 5 every day and will be in austin for april's wedding (YAY!) the first weekend i have the place, i'm just going to hire movers to move all my furniture and big boxes over on the 5th or so, and just drop stuff by on my way home from work until i have time to set everything up. 

bethany and lauren said they'd come over the first weekend i'm home and help me get settled, and dani is coming the weekend after that to stay with me and help decorate! she's got the best creative eye i know and is going to help me make my apt FABULOUS. i'm so pumped!

as excited as i am about all this, i'm also kind of scared. 
the only things i've really been looking forward to are 1. getting a great job. and 2. getting my own apartment. 

what next?

these are the things i've been working for the past 4 years. my life has been ever-changing with classes, semesters, jobs, moving every year - and now i've found the things i've been craving but at the same's terrifying. what will i do when i get everything settled in my new place and realize that things are not going to change anytime soon? freaky. all i know is working hard for the next big thing. what happens when you get what you've been working for?

sure, i'll work hard at my job to be the best i can be and to get promotions...hopefully there will be a marriage somewhere in the next 5 years or so...some babies after that...

but that freaks me out too! HELLO? i am a frickin adult. i still feel like a kid. maybe that's why i'm scared of all this. i'm still afraid of the stupid dark. i'm going to sleep with my light on every night and then have an outrageous electric bill and then go broke. 

these are the things that go through my head. 
thus, why i feel like someone who is pretending to be grown up. 

sorry for the rant. the more i wrote about my apartment the freakier i started to feel. ok bye.


Monday, May 19, 2008

fast & totally happy (not furious).

this past week has been a whirlwind. ever since i found out i got the job at fossil, it's been go-go-go. austin to arlington to florida to arlington to austin and back again. it's been pretty crazy, but super fun.

brady and i on our sunset BOOZE CRUISE. we went with my parents. i had a pina colada that was yum and there was a guy playing cover songs on the guitar while the boat took us to the best view of the sunset. 

my mom made us do a kissing picture. notice how awkward we look. however, this is the best picture with the sun setting in the background. lovely.

me with the fam on graduation day!
can i just tell you that all the fashion majors felt so out of place at the college of natural sciences commencement...
"you'll all be the health care professionals, the scientists, the nobel prize winners...blah blah blah nerdy talk blah."

brady had the brilliant idea of going to the oasis on lake travis after graduation. we had a great time! beautiful view, no wait, and a lovely lunch with friends and family.

the moment you've all been waiting for...
it freaking rocked.
i love my job.

Laura Dudney
Product Coordinator 
Fossil and Relic Men's Eyewear

 here are a couple of pics of my cubie! i love it! 
it will be more decorated soon...i have a bit of work to do.
i met my team and we all went to lunch, everyone is so sweet. they all made me feel so welcome. i'm literally excited about going there every day. 
once i get in a rhythm i'll be able to describe what it is that i do better...

until then, don't you just love my cubie?!
i sure do.

ok i gotta go to bed, i'm a workin' girl now.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

new news

my parents and i flew in to Tampa, FL on thursday and stayed with my mema before heading out to our final vacation destination on friday. i am now on the lovely island of Captiva, near Fort Meyers, Florida. my parents rented a 2-bedroom condo and we are walking distance to golf, tennis, a lovely pool, and the ocean. brady gets in tonight to join the fun, which will be very nice. my parents decided to give me my graduation gift before we left (they said i might want to use it...). 

and it's a canon rebel digital professional camera...and it's amazing. i have 3 different lenses (2 of them are from my mom's old pro camera) and i've been LOVING it. it also comes with 10 free lessons on how to use it! watch out, ya'll. i might just become a pro photog. here are some pics i took recently:

here is a shed that's in my mema's backyard. when i was a kid, i used to play in the yard and my papaw would working in that shed and using his power tools - i thought he was such a badass. and he totally was.

we all know and love her.

here's a picture my mom took of me playing tennis this morning. i 
am not so good, but i got better after awhile. (i had to practice before brady got there)

i took this from the balcony of our condo. we have a view of the golf course and my dad played today while my mom and i hung out. he called us when he got to our balcony and we watched him play this hole.
and here is my mother reading a magazine (unaware that i was about to capture her) and probably not happy about this picture. i just thought it was funny.

so get ready for a more fun-filled photo friendly laura blog. 

i miss you all severely. love/namaste.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

so so so so ready.

so, as you all know because of my mass-texting and out-of-control broadcasting, i will start working at Fossil in less than 2 weeks (Monday, May 19 - to be exact). I'll go in to the new hire orientation, set up my direct deposit, learn all about the benefits, and get my cubicle. i can't tell you how excited i am. i'm still a little nervous though - like it's the first day at a new school or something. good thing i have awesome friends in my life to make me less nervous. 

example: a 3-way call from yesterday:

me: i'm kind of nervous, i mean, what if my coworkers don't like me?
whit & ivy: that's crazy, who could not like you? everyone likes you.
me: i don't know, some people don't like me.
whit & ivy: only stupid whores. 

so there you have it. i'll be ok as long as stupid whores don't work for fossil, and as far as i know, they don't hire them. 

i also have a confession. i did something bad yesterday while shopping at the mall. 
i was shopping all around looking for a BM dress for april's nuptials and went into several stores: Nordy, Express, Macy's, the Dill, Wet Seal (and other silly stores like the seal), the Gap, etc. i liked some of what i saw, and despised a lot of it, too. Until...

i stepped into the Fossil store. 
i'm not gonna lie, i really don't think to shop in Fossil stores. sure, i have fossil watches and a few tops and a skirt - but that's not usually where i go to "shop". let me just

Fossil is SO me. i loved and adored absolutely everything in the store. everything. and the clothes fit me perfectly. the accessories were to die for, the patterns were so mod, the styles were totally vintage - i suppose that's why Fossil describes themselves as "Modern Vintage". but seriously y'all. i had no idea how perfect Fossil was until i was let loose in the apparel (most of the time you just see the accessory stores or fossil brand accessories at dept stores).

long story short, i end up talking to the sales assoc about how i just got a job at corporate blah blah...and then i thought, "i can't talk to this girl about how i got a job with fossil, try on all these clothes, and then walk out. i simply MUST buy some things." well i did. and a mere week and a half before my discount kicks in. i'm such a dumb frick but i could NOT resist. i had been looking for a pair of perfectly fitting high waisted flare jeans to wear with heels. and the top was ADORABLE. and the scarf i could wear with ANYTHING. 

i am so bad. 


Saturday, May 3, 2008

i'm in.

i first got an email that broke my heart. fossil told me that they were "looking into other options at the moment" and i was furious. and then i thought, i guess it was just not in God's plan for me to get this job now.

so i went on about my days in austin just hanging out, wallowing in a bit of self-pity, and THEN I GOT THE CALL.

I got the job.

at Fossil.

as a Product Coordinator.

I start May 19.

God is so good to me.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

one phone call.

i was told that i would receive a phone call about the job no later than monday (with a touch-base phone call on friday). well guess what? it's tuesday NIGHT. i have never been so frustrated. one phone call. i'm stranded. i don't want to apply of any other jobs (a reception job at the law firm my mom works at) because i might get this position with fossil. BUT i don't want to start preparing for working at fossil because i might get the shaft. i should know by now. i just need one phone call. 

i could go into further detail about common courtesy, the fact that i sent an email today and still heard no response, or the fact that i'm uber furious. but i won't bore you with those details.

so here i sit. completely stranded. 

well not completely, i'm going to visit austin tomorrow and staying as long as i possibly can. 

tonight was the last lonestar meeting at rudy's. i couldn't go - i'm not gonna lie, i kind of wanted to. i sent a final "senior thoughts from laura d" email out to the listserv and got the sweetest response from jenn jehli. i think that girl is great, she's always been one of the most genuine and caring people i've known in lonestars (besides MAH GIRLS). i feel comfortable knowing that there are girls like that in lonestars. gah, i loved college. special times. i hate that it makes me all sappy and emo. lonestars may have all sorts of girlie drama and stupid new rules and out-of-control parties, but it sure gave me some perfect friends. FOR LIFE. 

ok, enough of the sappiness. i need some champagne.

Friday, April 25, 2008

hanging in there.

that's exactly what i'm doing. 

it's all i can do, really, since the final interview yesterday was less than ideal. the ceo of fossil basically told me that he's not sure if i have enough experience with fossil since i haven't been through their 6-12 month training program (called the brand representative program). there are no brand reps available right now (they're still a-cookin in the program) and they needed someone for these positions now...they opened it up to us regulars. i'm lucky to even be considered - and i've known that all along! and they still chose me as the top candidate. yet, the one person who can veto my job offer is the one person who doesn't know if i'm qualified. wow. i'm not quite sure WHY all the other people i've interviewed with CHOSE me, or sent me to the office of the CEO if i am not qualified. seriously though, why would they make me go through all this just to come to the end and shut me down? i don't know, but it's making me a little upset, needless to say. 


my prayer is that IF this job would have been too difficult for me OR if i wouldn't have been happy in that position...for him to just take the opportunity away.
however, if i am capable of doing this job and will be able to enjoy it, then God will provide.

simple as that.

on to something more interesting:
i LOVE to make lists. i have a whole book dedicated to the lists i make and carry it around with me. i have them in word documents on my computer and notepads in my iphone. i just can't get enough of lists.

well...i discovered this website called listography. you can create an entire account and just MAKE LISTS. it's amazing. there is also a book you can buy called Listography that is equally amazing. i highly recommend opening an account. it's kind of like a blog...except for your LISTS. my profile is linked in the top right corner of my blog. you should check it out.

also, you should check out brady's myspace page because he wrote 2 new songs recently that are wonderful. he's such a talented musician. that's the fan in me talking, not the girlfriend :)

i'll let you girls know as soon as i find out something. thanks for your encouragement and prayers.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

potential workin girl.

so, after a GLORIOUS weekend with whit and ivy (more on that later) i managed to finish my project for fossil. i actually pulled an all nighter - awesome.

my parents were so amazing, they both helped me (between their power naps) and i finished at 8AM. i needed to leave the house at 9AM so i had time to shower! my dad drove me since i was sleep deprived :) anyway, i turned in the project and was told i'd be contacted this afternoon. well...

I'M THE TOP CANDIDATE! NUMBER 1 NUMBER 1!! I'm scheduled to meet with the CEO and the owner of fossil on thursday to seal the deal. it's the "final interview" - the top dogs like to interview every potential employee. unless they just hate me, i'll most likely get the job! 


in other news, whit and ivy came to arlington this weekend! it was totally rad. we went to six flags (and now are season pass holders - it was a good deal) and rode a ton of coasters. we also got a cool coupon book and used it for pretty much everything we purchased. we also had mimosas before we went. bad idea for me.

sunday we did a little shopping and hung out. ivy had to go home that evening :(
whitney and i went to the ft worth zoo on monday and it was neato. i loved the foxes and the giraffes and elephants and rhinos and hippos and lions. jaguars too.

OH! and whit and i got to talk to shivonne ON THE PHONE for like an hour. it was TOTALLY AWESOME. it was so good to hear her voice and hear how she's doing and what she's doing and all that great stuff. i'm so proud of her. i have the most badass friends ever. i feel so lucky to have such amazing friends to count on,  just to know that there are people in this world who love me so deeply is special. i am always encouraged. love love love. 

now i must go clean up the whirlwind of a mess i left in the tv/work room :) WORTH IT!


Monday, April 14, 2008

oh happy day.

Saturday was my last day at Stanley Korshak! 

i'm really excited to no longer be a lowly intern. now i'm ready to take on a real job and i couldn't be more thrilled. although i complained a lot, i really think that korshak was a good experience overall. i met a lot of sweet people, i got some great experience and advice from people who are extremely intelligent both in the field and in life, and have a better idea of what i want to do for a career. everyone was so sweet and told me that they would miss me and that i was one of the best interns they've had. they even got me a "last-day" cake! (i'm like the first intern who's ever gotten a cake on their last day)!

in other news, i was called in for a final interview at fossil for the product coordinator position in sunwear. it's between me and one other candidate and they decided that we don't have to do the project. i am also going to meet with another department-head for a product coordinator position with women's watches. so they pretty much want to put me somewhere... i guess they want me to still be a product coordinator even if i can't be a sunwear PC. 

so that's pretty exciting! i feel like fossil is really wanting me to work for them - or else they wouldn't be telling me all this, right? 

anyways, be praying for me around 1:30 on wednesday!!

i'm also getting a little antsy about this job because if i get it, i'll be moving to richardson. brady isn't sure what he's doing yet - he's still looking for jobs too. we're not sure if they're going to be in the same city, but i know God's gonna take care of it all. he always does. 


Thursday, April 10, 2008

fritzy witzy was a bear.

i had a tingly thing happen to me today.

my iphone beeps whenever i get emails, so i basically receive them like text messages. i got a blog notification email that had shivonne's comment to my previous email. it was encouraging, as always, but as i read her words, "we're all praying for you," i got tingles all over. i felt it. i just felt that overwhelming sensation, of knowing that you girls are coming before God and petitioning him on my behalf - knowing that i am being supported from so many different angles. my eyes welled up with tears (of happiness, mind you), and i just had the feeling that everything was going to be ok. 

then about an hour later i received another email. from fossil. 
they're calling tomorrow to give me the mini-project to present at my NEXT INTERVIEW. one more round and i should know a solid yes or no-go.

so i just wanted to let you know that i'm praying for you, too. if you're reading this, you're most likely in my thoughts and prayers daily and it is my greatest joy to bring your unique situations to Christ. it's where i feel that i am the greatest help - it's my way of contributing to the struggles/joys that you face (besides just discussing them - i have no answers to give, only encouraging words). 

whether or not i am in your prayers, i want to thank you for the support and encouragement you, beloved reader, have given me. it is because of that encouragement i am inspired and driven. 

today was a good day.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

i'm on the fritz. yes ivy, the fritz.

rain is falling so hard and i can hear the thunder. it's lovely. snuggling up in my bed during a storm is my favorite. 

here's why i'm on the fritz:
i still haven't heard back from Fossil. my interview was last monday and i was told that i was a top candidate. i was told that i would most likely make it to the next interview and that they would contact me asap because they wanted the position filled immediately (in the next 2 weeks). well i've heard nothing and it's been over a week. my internship is over in 4 days (LOUD REJOICING!!) so i'm really wondering what's going on. they had said i had perfect timing! y'all, if Fossil waits this long to call just to reject me, i don't know what i'm going to do. maybe go on a rampage? perhaps TP the corporate office? well, probably just cry and throw something in my room. i understand that i am just one candidate in a myriad of people who are trying to get all kinds of jobs with the company, but seriously? this is my future we're talking about (or NOT talking about, obviously).

enough about that. it makes me cranky. not cute.

know how i love the show scrubs? well, along with the office, it's going to be all new this thursday! AAAND...i'm always thinking to myself after every episode i watch, "self, i love this  music but i don't know what songs they are, i sure wish i did." well, friends, i downloaded a bit of the scrubs soundtrack AND stumbled upon an entire site dedicated to listing every song that has been featured on every episode. ever. so cool. i love people and their lame hobbies. 

do y'all remember that song that goes, "i got the hooch, baby, i got the only sweetest thang in the world..." love. it. go get it: "Hooch" by Everybody. you'll know it when you hear it.

bottom line, i miss you all. i think of you all the time :) 
thank you for all of the encouragement during my internship, it makes it not seem so hard (that's what she said).


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

this is a long post.

update on Fossil: i interviewed with 4 people on monday. the interview was about 2 and a half hours long, it went well, so i'm hoping to get asked back for a 2nd interview. i also may have to do a project as part of the interview process. more on that if i hear some good news.

i also wanted to give you all a little more insight into my everyday activities at stanley korshak. i added an album to my picasa with a few photos with descriptions about all things interny (i was inspired by everyone else's recent uploads). i hope you enjoy if you choose to view. 

on a side note, i have a thought.
during lonestar tryouts, we'd come up with the most ridiculous questions to ask the candidates during the "speed dating" interview. one in particular has left a little bit of an impression on me because i JUST figured out my perfect answer to this question:

"if you had a theme song to your life, what would it be?"

wow. that is such a great question, yet almost impossible to answer. do you say your current favorite song? no. that will change with your life stages and taste in music. do you pick a classic song that reminds you of yourself? i can't do that...there are too many songs to choose from. so here is my answer:

"More Than A Feeling" by Boston. 
here is why. skim through the lyrics and my answer will follow:

i woke up this morning, the sun was gone
i turned on some music to start my day
i lost myself in a familiar song
i closed my eyes and i slipped away

it's more than a feeling
when i hear that old song they used to play
i begin dreaming
'til i see marianne walk away
i see my marianne walking away

so many people have come and gone
their faces fade as the years go by
yet i still recall as i wander on
as clear as the sun in the summer sky


when i'm tired and thinking cold
i hide in my music, forget the day
and dream of a girl i used to know
i closed my eyes and she slipped away
she slipped away...


this is the theme song of my life. not because i had a girlfriend named marianne that dumped me. but because i, too, am able to slip away into different memories, feelings, through music. i could go on about people coming and going in your life, yet they are still "clear as the sun in the summer sky" when you can just feel them. i like how this song illustrates music being sensual. you hear it and it causes you to feel...even more than a drift into the moment.

it encompasses all songs. please listen to it immediately and find out for yourself. or at least think of me anytime you hear it from now on, because it will be the soundtrack in my head as i go through life. 

namaste. love/miss.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

lo siento.

no updates lately, my apologies. here's what's happening:

i have another interview with Fossil on Monday! It's for a Product Coordinator Position in Sunwear. I'd be developing the sunglasses line, catalog, and packaging (the tins that the watches come in). I could go into more fabulous detail but i shall refrain for now. It is just as awesome as the other one i interviewed i'm really hoping this all works out! i'm kind of nervous...but i know that God will put me where i'm supposed to be.

so pray for the job! i need it! i want it!

love you people.

more to come.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the little things.

it's little things that make me really giddy:

i still get little butterflies when i see "brady davis" on my caller id.
when people give me compliments on what i'm wearing - it makes me feel like i chose the right major and i'm not just a fashion wannabe.
when i find something freaking awesome that works out real perfect-like.
my poll tells me that the ma
jority voted "no" on hair extensions. i took your advice because it is quite costly, and hair does grow on its own. however, after a striking magazine ad (those advertising people, gotta love em), and some internet research (my favorite past-time) i found the solution to my problem, thanks to jessica simpson and ken paves (the latter i spotted at the korshak not too long ago). 
ta da!
 not quite a dumbfrick like i had first said, but it's just blah-normal.

boom shackalacka.

best of both worlds. long hair. my exact color. TEMPORARY. inexpensive. 

ok enough about my hair extensions (that look so legit in real life, might i add), i hit my less-than-4-weeks marker for the internship. that's right...i've been at this for 9 solid weeks. can you believe it's been that long already? crazy. so close. 

in other news, i spent a fantastic 3-day weekend in Hamilton with brady and his family. it was really great, i love going there - it's a wonderful town. 
as i drove away, i cried. not because i miss brady. but because i miss everyone special in my life. i live in a place where some of the most important people to me are far away. this makes me sad, and there is no other way to describe it, and there is no other way to express it except out my eyes. 


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

more on fossil.

another contact from fossil called me today to tell me that since i am not available to start immediately, she's not able to hold the job for me. however, she told me to contact her when i have a week left in my internship (she said that there will most likely be a job opening then, too). 

reasons why i will not be discouraged by this: 

1. worrying is making me ugly.
2. constantly thinking about desperately nailing down a job/apartment/new life is making time go by slower. and that's NOT what i need right now.
3. if i accept a job offer now, what if a better one comes along that i have to turn down (i.e. the first job i interviewed for becomes available)? i'd be mighty sick about that.

i will find a job. there is no use sitting around wondering what it's gonna be. i don't have a frickin crystal ball. i just got hope. and that's all i need. 

ps. brady is talking more and more about moving up here. he's pretty sure he will once i settle into a real job. this is very good news.

i miss you all very much. i want you to know that i think of you often, i have fond memories sporadically floating through my head involving all you girls which make my days a little less dreary. thanks for that. love/miss.

no worries.

first of all, i love photoshop (which is how i made the image to the left), and second of all, i have been feeling very worrysome (hence, the image to the left). 

no word yet from fossil. i am hoping to hear back sometime this week. i have adequately followed up, so the ball is in their court. 
hey, he takes care of those birds, doesn't he?

i have been spending loads of my time browsing the web. dani introduced me to a few sites (creative blogs, design sites, etc.) and my surfing has exploded into an addiction...that has overtaken all of my free time. i am feeling so inspired. ideas are flowing, people. i pretty much NEED an apartment (the largest blank canvas there is) to carry out all of my design ideas so i don't implode from inspiration overload. 

to do list for before the internship is over (countdown: 4.5 weeks):

- write my research paper.
- send out officer gifts (from back when i was president...i still have a few. bad laura).
- design and make my seafoam green sundress (i have the fabric and the sewing machine, now i need to find the time).
- make a quilt to serve as my new bedspread.
- learn how to use my mom's fancy camera and become a photographer.
- train boston.
- finish my books
    (the irresistible revolution, living yoga, lolita, & confessions of a shopaholic - all of which i am in the middle of).
- make a master list of everything i want to do with my future apartment (which will hopefully be found soon).

sorry this post is so blah. i've become a homebody and don't like to do much when i get home from work.

my mom got us a wii!!! it's bad awesome, and we got guitar hero for it too! i'm probably also going to develop some mad skills in the next few weeks.

last thing on the to do list:
- master all things wii.

i am one hot mess.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


the long awaited phone call finally happened today...i heard back from fossil. dun dun DUN! olivia (the person in charge of filling the position) told me that she had some good news and some bad news. 

the bad news: someone was recently hired very high up in the company to work at the hong kong headquarters. 
       how this relates to me - the job that i interviewed for was not an established position, it was a position added to the handbag department (title: product coordinator) in order for things to run more smoothly. the addition of this new higher-up position caused complications with the handbags coordinator position, so the company has to postpone the addition. so basically, no one gets the least not for an unspecified, possibly long, amount of time.

the good news: they wanted me for it.
how the good news is even sweeter: she said that they really loved me for the job and thought that i was a perfect fit for fossil. since it could be up to 6 months before they are ready to hire someone for that position, they did not want to leave me hanging and keep me she found another position that i can interview for. "we think that you would be a great asset to our company and we want to find a place for you," she said. 

i was pretty much almost guaranteed some sort of position there! she could have just said, sorry, i'll call you if it opens up. no. the reason she waited so long to contact me was because she was looking for SOME opportunity to get me into the company. and she said that if the position i originally interviewed for is ready to be filled before i commit to anything else, she'd call ME. i still have 5 and a half weeks before my internship is over, but now the chances of me securing a job after it's over are pretty high. and with FOSSIL...the company that i have been wanting to work for all along. God is good. 

when i find out more information i will most definitely keep you posted. thank you so much for all of your encouragement and prayers, i could really feel the support of all of you. it looks like i'll be living in richardson, girlies! i wouldn't be able to live at home and work there - it's already a 40 minute drive from my house (with NO traffic) and i have to pay $2 in tolls. a daily 3 hour round trip paying $2 each time would not be good for me. 

nothing is set in stone, but i feel like i have more direction. just when i start getting discouraged God blindsides me and reminds me that i should have just trusted Him all along. silly Laura. 


Monday, March 3, 2008



i have become completely obsessed with the internet lately. i'm serious. i've logged into my myspace more times in the last week than i did in the last 6 months, i've created this website just about...myself, and i've somehow linked all of these together in one mega laura-stalking paradise (for those of you who give a crap). i think i must be truly starved for interaction with the outside world or something. i didn't care about all this stuff when i was in austin. now i suppose i'm desperately trying to keep myself up-and-running in some form of media so that y'all don't forget me. i don't know why that would happen since we are all pretty freaking good at keeping up with each other being separated and all. 

update on life at rancho milk dud:
still nothing from fossil. i sent a follow-up email and got an auto-response saying "she'll be out of the office". hmmm. something fishy is going on. either that or they just forgot to formally reject me. 
i decided to not be super upset about it though. i was really mad a few days ago, going on and on about how i'm a failure and how i really really wanted that job and how it was the opportunity of a lifetime that is passing me by...blah blah wah. and then brady goes and pisses me off so bad. he says, "would you stop getting so upset about this? you're being ridiculous. this is the first real job that you've ever interviewed for in your life. you're wasting your time worrying about it." i'm like, COME ON. i can be upset about this if i want! he has a point, but i just really wanted that job... "NO BUTS" he says. "it was your first job interview. there will be plenty more opportunities like this one. everything will work out the way it's supposed to. end the sentence there." 

you want to know the thing that really made me mad? he's right. 

he told me exactly what i needed to hear. he gave me some perspective. i suppose you shouldn't get mad at someone for encouraging you. 

also, i'm taking a poll:

Laura getting hair extensions. yes or no? they'd be natural looking - using human hair. i need your feedback, girls. dani has given me all the info i need. now it's do or don't. 

Thursday, February 28, 2008

the thing about hope.

i haven't heard back from fossil. i'm almost positive that means that i didn't get the job. they usually want to set up the 2nd interview asap and 4 days later is not asap. i still haven't heard a solid NO, so there is a glimmer of hope, though. 

i decided that even if i don't get this job, i'm still going to apply for fossil's executive development program. i'm going to be persistent and continue applying for good jobs no matter how discouraged i get. i know that God has something for me, i just have to continue seeking him so that i'll find it. 

that's the thing about hope. even when there's not much left, there's still THE hope. the whole fact that you're life is completely guided by Christ. if YOUR plans don't come know that GOD'S is on it's way. 

i need to stop thinking about my hope and focus on GOD'S hope.

Monday, February 25, 2008


ok people, sorry about the lacking in updating. here goes:

i was able to briefly visit austin and got to see dani and brady. i had a ton of fun with dani at ikea - we kept it at $50 (nice!) and played all day long. she is (you are) constantly teaching me new things and being around her makes me giggly and happy. we made fantastic contact cards and she taught me some mad photoshop skills. addicted.

i'm in love with brady. that's all there is to it.

ok...i was debating on whether or not to talk about this because i'm super nervous, but i had a job interview with Fossil today. i want it bad. more than i've ever wanted a job. it's an incredible opportunity that i will describe in further detail if i get a yes (i will get a yay/nay in the next few days). it's just that good. shoot up a prayer to the big man for me, he's the one who's really interviewing me anyways.

can i just say that i felt like i had an edge whenever i met my 2 interviewers at Fossil - when each of them left me i handed them my swanky business card and said, "here's my contact card...blah blah blah witty comment" - they were very impressed i must say. schwing!

sorry mine is pretty boring this time. lets hope the next post will be full of details and excitement ;)


Thursday, February 21, 2008


this past week i was able to have lunch with a friend who moved to connecticut last year. i consider him one of my very close friends because he has had a great impact on my spiritual life. every conversation we have, though they are few, Jesus is present. this dear friend brought a book with him to lunch and gave it to me, telling me that it changed his life. i am not a huge reader, but at this point in my life, i'm willing to jump into anything that will cause me to merely think about Christ more often. i find it hard to believe that one book can completely change the way you live your life, and i was curious. i had heard of this book before and it had the same description: "this book changed my life." it's called The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne. i am in the 3rd chapter. wow.

talk about radical. it was eerie the way i've used that word on a few occasions...and he uses it in this book. but good gosh...i didn't even KNOW what radical was. please please please buy/borrow/steal this book. it has already caused me to think and is truly challenging me.

when he gave me the book, it inspired me to go to half price books and pick up a few other reads so i could have a few things going at once. you know, spice it spiritual book, a fun one, a learning book, etc... so here's what i got:

1. Living Yoga by Christy Turlington (yes, the supermodel); it's all about the origins of yoga and how it's a complete lifestyle - physical and spiritual. everything from poses to meditation to how to effectively arrange your furniture to channel positive energy. it's kind of autobiographical too, which is interesting, i'm learning a lot and it's pretty fascinating stuff.

2. The Fashion Book - a-mazing. it's the biggest fattest book ever and i had admired my professor's every time i visited her office. 

3. The Fashion Icon: the power and influence of graphic design - it's a book all about branding/merchandising/marketing - right up my alley.  

4. Cocktails - how to make lots of yummy drinkies

5. 3 movies: Dazed & Confused, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Amile

I'm pretty excited about my purchases, i'm striving to be a very well rounded individual as far as knowledge goes. plus i'll never be bored with all these goodies.

i hope you all know how much i love going to each one of your pages and reading about your lives. somehow this makes me feel more connected and less scared about losing the friendships that are getting me through this thing called life...or my early twenties. love/miss.



ps. namaste is a term that means "I honor the One who lives inside you" 
cool huh? - got it from C-Turl.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

the body.

ivy is super cool and changed her blog so i copied her and wanted to make mine cooler too. the thing is, i had to re-do all my little links and pictures and such. i had a bible verse at the footer of my old blog, and i wanted to put it back...but i forgot where/what it was. i was thumbing through my bible trying to find it, when i stumbled across this passage:

"he is the one who gave these gifts to the church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers. their responsibility is to equip God's people to do their work and build up the church, the body of christ, until we come to such unity in our faith and knowledge of God's son that we will be mature and full grown in the Lord, measuring to the full stature of christ. then we will no longer be like children, forever changing our minds about what we believe because someone has told us something different or because someone cleverly lied to us and made the lie sound like the truth. instead, we will hold the truth in love, becoming more and more in every way like christ, who is the head of his body, the church. under his direction, the whole body is fitted together perfectly. as each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and full of love." eph. 4:11-16

i have to admit that i'm at a spiritual stand still at the moment. i've been conveniently finding reasons to not go to church, been too exhausted to read my bible before i go to sleep, and have not given God enough of myself. but here's the good news:

we go to church to "get equipped" with spiritual wisdom. most of us have been around churches all our lives. so, even though i'm putting my spiritual life on the back-burner, i still make myself write in my prayer journal and say a prayer every night. and you know what i always tell him? how lucky i am to have friends like you. friends who influence me in good ways; friends who are ever so encouraging to me; friends that can relate to how i'm feeling and how hard it is to maintain a strong spiritual life; friends that would do anything for me. i can honestly say that praying for you girls has helped me out a lot. i lay down and smile and just start off with, "father, there are these girls that i adore, and...."

i truly believe that God had a plan when he placed us in each others' lives. he did it because we're part of his body, fitting together perfectly so that we can encourage each other, be there for one another, and to learn how to truly love and be loved. even in times when things are stagnant, he puts people in our lives who can make us feel less alone and give us strength. he loves through others.

i think that is so radical.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i do not like valentine's day.

never have. 

i had awful elementary/junior high experiences and let's just say i do not celebrate this day of enhanced loneliness, shattered expectations, and awkwardness. i already did my love-celebrating. i LOVE that brady's and my anniversary overshadows this disgusting fake holiday.

today was another fold-fest. i kind of don't mind it. i've always loved folding my laundry. laundry is my favorite chore. 

tonight i've just been hanging out on the couch. i tried out cashmere mafia a couple weeks ago and turns out, i actually like it. i expected it to be a knock-off sex & the city...but it's not. if you don't believe me watch it online. i do however remain loyal to SATC as the #1 chick show. i decided to pop in a little late 4th season and early 5th to relax me after the long day. they're the ones where carrie cuts her hair and starts writing for vogue. i thought it was appropriate since i'm going thru long-hair withdrawals and have started a new job that i'm not-so-good-at yet. 

good thing i have the entire series. there's a season for everything you're going through. plus it reminds you that you always have your friends. i miss mine a lot. 


Tuesday, February 12, 2008


it's been a while since i've written in here but i feel like a TON has happened. i'll give you a quick play by play:

* i had the flu last weekend and that was awful. it totally shrunk my tummy and i can't ever eat a whole lot, as if i did before i had the flu...but whatever. 

* i returned to work and got to go to the annual leukemia fashion show put on by korshak. it's the biggest fashion show in Dallas each year. yours truly was the assistant to the mens representative...which meant that i was in the corner with the male models. there were 8 males and 30 female models at this show, each of the males had 2-3 changes. i helped greg prepare the merchandise for the models, oversee the outfit changes (NICE) and pack up afterward. there was a lot of downtime between setup and showtime, so i got to just chill and sit backstage. the models were very nice, but it was kind of difficult figuring out if a couple of them were gay or not. who cares anyway, brady is better than them. nevertheless, it was a good experience. 

* i also actually ENJOYED menswear this week. i feel like i've gotten to know everyone better and they've gotten to know me too. i'm getting more compliments on how hard i'm working and i feel more like part of the team rather than a stupid intern. it's nice.

* brady surprised me on saturday night and showed up at my house. he wasn't supposed to come until sunday night...but we got to spend an extra day together which was fantastic. we got to celebrate our one year :) i don't do valentines.

*for our anniversary, i made him a book of all his shows over the past year. i gathered a bunch of pictures from all the places he's played at and made a portfolio-type manly scrapbook. i love being part of his music career - being at all of his shows, hearing his new songs right after he writes them (i feel so exclusive), and watching him record. being there for him comes so easy. i love every minute of supporting him, so it was only fitting for me to make something that shows how his passions have become my passions just because i love him.

* he wrote me a song for our one year...which is actually funny because while my gift to him had the theme of supporting him and his passion in life (that has become a passion of mine), his gift to me was using his talent and his music to show me how much i mean to him. it was all very special and mushy so i'll stop now ;)

celebrating one year with brady has caused me to think about the last year of my life in general and how much i've changed. not only is my hair 8 inches shorter, but i now have a dog, i don't live in Austin anymore, i'm not in class, i'm pursuing a career, i'm desperately trying to maintain long distance relationships with everyone i so dearly care about, and i'm back to living with my parents. it's crazy how in a mere 365 days your life can be in a completely different place. i'm pretty sure that this past year has been my biggest year yet...growth and learning just THINK of how this next one's gonna be, eh?

i've come to one last conclusion for the week about this past year:
i look MUCH better with long hair. 
short hair makes me look like a dumbfrick and i hate it. would getting extensions be a total waste of money and be completely vain of me? 
yea i guess so. dang dang.

Monday, February 4, 2008


i've been laying in my bed next to a sleeping chihuahua for almost 2 hours now. my body refuses to fall asleep and my mind will not slow down. "what is on your mind that is so pressing that keeps you from sleep?" you might ask. nothing. i am not really thinking about anything, it's just random songs that pop into my head, or favorite clips of movies, or funny parts of sitcoms that i had recently watched. 

maybe it's because i've been in and out of sleep for the past 2 days from having the flu. too much sleep is bad. too much sleep leads to not being able to sleep which leads to sleep deprivation which is also bad. let me just finish this thought by saying that it will be the last complaint about my life you read from this blog. 

i have decided to try something new: no matter how irritated i am or how entitled i feel, i am not going to complain any more. it has been a useless and infectious habit that i refuse to let spoil my attitude any longer. 

so in order to stop the complaining, i have devised a plan: when i feel the urge to say something negative in regards to my job or being in arlington or whatever...i'm going to turn it around and find the good in whatever is upsetting me. for example: I do not like working in menswear. but you know, i have been given the opportunity to show the top dogs of the company how hard i can work and what i'm capable of. i'm able to learn the business the hard way first, so that everything else i go through from here on out will most likely be easier. 

maybe influenza resulting in insomnia is exactly what i needed to regain my positive outlook.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


this week was pretty awful. i had planned on telling Susan about my special interest in Bridal and how i had a strong desire to pursue a career in Bridal after my internship is over. i said, "i was wondering if i could talk to you a little bit about the internship?" well...before i could get the words out, she says, "oh yes! i was wondering if it was ok with you if we put you in menswear PERMANENTLY?!" UM, ok. i told her that i completely understand and that i definitely want to be put where i can help out the most, but i told her all about my interest in Bridal. i said, if you could at least give me 1 day per week in Bridal, i'd be happy. she said she might be able to arrange something.

well, i'm stuck in menswear...doing ABSOLUTELY nothing. literally, i was told to stand in a room because 2 people called in sick to work and they were understaffed. i can't even help customers. i already straightened the whole area. it was my job to stand there JUST IN CASE someone walked in, and then i was supposed to go get a sales associate if anyone did come in. which they did not. one of the assistant buyers who i answer to, Kristy, is out with the flu. on my lunch break, i was sooo mad when i was on the phone with Brady, that i actually said, "i wish i had the flu, it's better than being HERE."

on thursday, i get a call from Susan saying that i could go to Bridal on saturday, the biggest day of the week! i'm so crazy excited about it. until....

yes, people, i have the full-blown puking, achey, dizzy, fever FLU. i went to the doctor, have been in bed and can't move. i have not been this sick since i was about 7 when i had the flu then. AND i missed my big day in Bridal. be careful what you wish for, people. i got it.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

my epiphany.

so the job is tolerable now. i know people, people know me, and i'm not as awkward. i've actually had FUN at work of a few occasions. most of that fun takes place over in gifts & home and the bridal salon. menswear is alright, i like the girls that work there but the men annoy me. so here is my epiphany:

i want to work in bridal. any way i can, i want to work with a bridal salon either as a consultant, a buyer, or perhaps someday even a purchaser of a wedding dress myself. hehe.

here's why:
1. it's a lovely atmosphere. that's the best word to describe it. everything is white and ethereal and gorgeous. i want to be surrounded by lovely.
2. the customers that come into bridal salons are happy all the time. you're working with women who recently got engaged...those types of people are in great moods and are very hard to accidentally piss off. 
3. it's a concentrated part of fashion. you're dealing with wedding gowns, veils, bridesmaid dresses, and shoes. that's it. no jeans/shirts/sweaters/dresses/pants or a bunch of other crap to have to style. it's simple and lovely. all things are easy to put together.
4. there are bridal salons in practically every city at every price point. it will be easier to find a job where i want. 
5. As a consultant, you usually have your own office and fitting room, you take appointments, and you don't have to walk around and say, "can i help you find something?" it's implied. everyone that walks into a bridal salon needs a wedding gown or bridesmaid dress, simple as that. it's not like working at a mall. stupid malls.
6. did i mention it's just a lovely atmosphere?

so there you have it folks. my epiphany. i love all things bridal. it's retail at it's finest. 


ps. i got to try on 2 wedding dresses retailing at $7,000 and $9,000! they were gorgeous. pictures to come.