Thursday, January 29, 2009

check it out:

have you ever had one single thought that turned into a million other thoughts, and then before you know it, you're thinking of something completely random? let me walk you through the last 30 seconds of my brain:

what should i write about in my blog today? there's absolutely nothing going on. i have zero plans tonight, which makes me kind of happy because earlier i almost had a panic attack thinking i had plans that i forgot about (but then peacefully recalled that i didn't). oh well - i'll probably eat the rice i made at lunch today for dinner along with some red vino (KH and i made stir fry last night and had leftovers for lunch, we didn't have enough rice so i made more, resulting in double leftover rice). i absolutely love red wine, i could drink it every day. i love rice too. in asia, they make rice wine - which is sake. mmm, sake bombs are the best. it was so fun when we had them at sushi sake a couple of weeks ago. kona grill has really cheap sake bombs during happy hour! i love that they have a reverse happy hour - that's really convenient for the frugal folks like me who like to go home and have a rest after work before venturing out. which is why i'm excited about the reverse happy hour we're going to tomorrow night at Sangria. hopefully i will still get to go, my car did not start this morning so i need to get it fixed tomorrow. i could write about that, but it will probably just make me look dumb because i know nothing about cars and it's probably my fault it broke. man, i hope i get to try Sangria's sangria. we drank it at fireside pies (delicious) just before we saw the fray on monday night. oh i dearly love the fray. alas, i've already written about them in my previous post. sigh. 

and there you have it. 30 seconds in my brain starting with having no plans, ending with the fray...again. sorry - no new material. but if you want, you can check out the other blog i created that is not about my personal life at all! it's about cool things instead. 


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the fray = the best

ok, obviously not the ultimate best. i can't ever say what my all-time fav band is just yet. but the fray is definitely up there. KH and i saw them at the house of blues last night and it rocked our world. we went out to a little place on henderson called fireside pies, split a pizza and drank some sangria and then went to the hob - such a fun date night ;) and a musical treat to our eager ears.

if you don't like the fray (i will fight you), or haven't heard much of them (which is highly unlikely), i want to tell you why i love them. and they have a new album which comes out on feb 3. you have probably heard their new single "you found me" - which is an incredible song. KH heard them discussing it's meaning on kissFM yesterday and it really blew us away.

the song is speaking to God - and it's the touching on the question that all people of faith probably ask at least one point in their lives: "why do really bad things happen to good people? why do we suffer?" it's a question that i'm sure people who don't believe ask too, but in a different way.  i highly encourage you to read or watch an interview with isaac slade and the rest of the band when they discuss the lyrics to this heartwrenching track:

i found god on the corner of 1st and amistad
where the west was all but won
all alone, smoking his last cigarette
i said, "where you been?"
he said, "ask anything."

where were you when everything was falling apart?
all my days spent by the telephone that never rang
all i needed was a call that never came to the corner of 1st and amistad

lost and insecure, you found me
you found me lying on the floor, surrounded
surrounded, why'd you have to wait?
where where you? where were you?
just a little late, you found me
you found me

but in the end, everyone ends up alone
losing her, the only one that's ever known who i am, who i'm not and who i wanna be
no way to know how long she will be next to me

lost and insecure, you found me
you found me lying on the floor, surrounded
surrounded, why'd you have to wait?
where were you? where were you?
just a little late, you found me
you found me

early morning, the city breaks
i've been calling for years and years and years and years
and you never left me no messages
you never send me no letters
you've got some kind of nerve, taking all of our......

lost and insecure, you found me
you found me lying on the floor, surrounded
surrounded, why'd you have to wait?
where were you? where were you?
just a little late, you found me
you found me, why'd you have to wait 
to find me?

KH said that in the interview, "amistad" is a reference to God as our first friend (amistad means friendship). while God will always find you, at times he waits. but never to "teach us a lesson" or let us suffer because of anything we've done - this is just the world we live in. it was once a pure and sinless place, but we let satan get the best of us and the world stopped being perfect. but something satan didn't account for was the better place God's preparing, where everything will be right, darkness can't touch us. and we are able to see small glimpses of heaven in this world, giving us hope.

i've been a little emo lately. can you tell? maybe i'm losin' it?
seriously, though. tell me what you think about this song. i love discussions of a spiritual or musical nature. when they combine - i get happy.


Monday, January 26, 2009


KH and i took a road trip to Austin this weekend. it was SO nice to be back, i hadn't been since September 21st. one thing i realized about myself was that i am an austin snob. some people are music snobs, some are movie snobs...but i, my friends, am a HUGE austin snob. here's why:

- i believe austin is the best city there is. if you try to tell me otherwise, i will fight you. in a cage. to the death.

- i hate going to places like Chili's when i'm there. that's lame. freaking go to trudy's or you're stupid. or magnolia cafe. or kerbey lane. or blue star cafe. or anything...but chili's. 

- there is no dress code. austin is one of the most inspiring places, fashionably speaking, yet "what you wear" or "who you wear" in austin is not something that defines you or puts you in a specific group. there is no uniform there. austin fashion is simply a reflection of your character and what inspires you as a unique person. that's why i love fashion - and that's why i love austin.

- there are always people outside. there is always something to do. whether you're shopping on south congress, biking around townlake, running in a half marathon (or just trying to navigate around roped off streets due to marathons - like me), you always see people out and about. the city is BUSTLING. it is bustling, people. 

- there is just something about that tower that makes my heart melt. 

and the list goes on and on....but that's just a glimpse of my snobbish tendencies (i know you know what i'm talking about). and since i've moved to dallas and fallen in love with this city too, i feel like i'm cheating. i literally feel like i am being unfaithful to the city who raised me, who nurtured me and grew me into the woman i am right in this moment. i'm being unfaithful to the place where i made some of the best friends i will ever have - the place where friendships turned into lifelong love affairs. the place where i first fell in love with a boy and experienced that can't breathe, can't sleep, can't-live-without-you feeling. the place where i found MY jesus - the one who lives in my heart. i'm cheating on the place where i learned to be a grown up so that i had the capability to move and start a career. i am eternally indebted to the wonderful gifts that austin, texas has given me the past 5 years. 

[so, austin, i'm sorry for leaving. forgive me for being unfaithful. i do love dallas, but this place will never replace you. i'll come home someday, promise.]


Thursday, January 22, 2009

playing catch-up:

let's see, what's new with me?

i cut my bangs (i did it myself, very tedious work). 
i like having bangs because i almost feel like i'm hiding behind them. which is nice sometimes.

i also have orange hands again, thanks to mysticing myself. oh well.

things in dallas are really nice. my roomie and i are having a ball, we've been visiting new places and meeting new faces. rhyming as we go.

i suppose one thing i could talk about is the fact that due to these tough economic times, i am so lucky to have a job. let's hope i still have one in 30 days.

KH and i are going to see the Fray on monday at the house of blues...very exciting! we like to go on dates with each other :)

SHIVONNE & CHRIS came to visit this weekend and it was so fantastic! i got to meet the english boy who's stealing her away, and i gotta admit, he's pretty cool. KH and i made a mexican fiesta (the first time chris had ever had enchiladas - and KH's are the BOMB) and we had margaritas and played some GH World Tour. we went to a lovely brunch at taverna on sunday before they headed out to the lubb. bottomless bellinis...yum! all in all, that chris is top notch in my book. i may fold myself up in shiv's suitcase and hitch a ride down under...

since this blog ain's SO public, i suppose i can speak candidly about my current situation. that situation being heartbreak - which sucks, by the way. i feel sort of like i'm slowly suffocating - like i can pretend it's not there if i want to, but then it grabs hold of me and i lose my breath. i'm just glad i have some really great friends to lean on, and i know that i'm not alone.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

new post soon, promise.

i really do like this's just sometimes i forget i have it.

i promise to write in it more. if not for my friends to read, then for my own outlet to express the crazy in my brain :) 

update on me:
Dallas is lovely. i've pieced together a map of the city (taped together on my dining room table) and made a list of all the places i want to go here. i will never be bored. i'm determined. 

Fossil is marvelous. still loving the work - so lucky.

more to come...