Monday, April 27, 2009


i'm a bit scatterbrained at the moment. but it's not a stressful sort of's like when you're room is sort of messy, yet you know where everything is because although it's a cluster F, it's exactly the way you've organized it...? well anyway, there's no way i can write an organized post, so i'm just going to write out tidbits in bullet point form and see how it goes.

- floated the guad with roomie this weekend in new braunfels - super fun. got to see dani and little willow for a bit and it made me all warm :) i really love her. the river was total insanity, but still quite fun. we got those pre-bottled margaritas that they serve you on planes: "the tequila's in it", says the bottle, and they ain't kiddin'. it was cute. 

- milkshakes from chick fil a are so frickin good. they go down so smooth, like butta.

- ivy's recommendation of "eat pray love" did not go unnoticed by me last year and i've finally gotten around to reading it. it's wonderfully written and beautifully raw. i've been really inspired by this author to explore new ways to strengthen and deepen my spiritual life. the practice of yoga has always been super intriguing to me, not just the fitness aspect, but the lifestyle of it. i tried meditating yesterday. it was nice to just sit still, let the thoughts flow, breathe steadily and let the calm come. then concentrate. very soothing - i slept better than i have in  a while and woke up early and ready to go.

- i've got friends here in dallas, i do. i really like them a lot too, but i can't help but feel lonely sometimes. that's all.

- music make me so happy. i really believe that there is a wonderful connection that can occur between a person and a song. i'm just drawn to lyrics that i feel* it's a bond that i get in my head and can't explain well.

- we're leaving for europe in 2 weeks and i have been eating like i've never seen a bikini in my life.

- the village church may or may not be gaining a dallas campus! by this, i mean there will be a dallas campus later this year, it is just not official yet. i went with some home group girls to the worship/info/prayer session tonight and it was very encouraging.  

- work is working. pretty busy few weeks i've had, but i'm livin and making do. i have an awesome boss and some pretty sweet friends at work that make it a really fun atmosphere, i can't complain.

- i got a brochure in the mail for Richmond Community College (just minutes from my apartment) that had their summer course schedule. i'm thinking about taking some classes there over the next few semesters. maybe photography. oil painting. perhaps yoga. definitely the dog obedience class through their rec center...

imagine all this swirling about between my ears and you'll understand me. for about 45 seconds. love/miss/namaste.

*see playlist below :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ok, i've fallen off the wagon yet again.

oh don't worry...i'm still done with dudes. i just mean that i haven't posted in a while. things have been out of control here lately. work is nuts. i'm getting ready for europe. reading all the time. there just aren't enough hours in the day, you know? i'm lucky though. i get to fill my hours with a job that i enjoy and planning MY own vacation and reading books that i choose. still, i wish there were more hours in the day that i can fill these lovely activities with.

so, twitter is awesome! i really like it. it's linked to my facebook now so i'm all cyber-connected. putting myself out there or something.

i went to see 17 Again with some girls from my home group on sunday after church. i honestly wasn't expecting much - but i LOVED it! that zac efron is adorable. and by adorable, i mean i want to jump him. hot damn. i have a magazine photo of him in my cube and it makes me happy. him and scott speedman. oh, and robert pattinson. duh.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ps. i'm done with dudes

no, i'm not becoming a lesbian. i'm just going to read more books. 

this feels like a win-win situation to me.

icky icky

sometimes you just have one of those days, you know? i mean, it wasn't awful. it just wasn't good. but since i'm trying to model my life after Poppy from 'Happy-Go-Lucky', i'm going to try to giggle it off and focus on the happy.

this morning i went to the corporate store (its open wednesday mornings and friday afternoons). i resisted the first time kristy asked me, but then i caved when i heard they had new dresses. as it turns out, they have this maxi dress in two different colors that are actually IN fossil stores now. for $3 (it retails for $78). i should be jumping for joy, right? well...yes and no. see, on the day that we got 50% off at one of the local fossil stores, i went in and bought one of the colors - for $40, thinking i got a GREAT deal. then i go to the corporate store not one month later and it's on the rack for $3!  did i buy the second color? yes. am i a little pissed that i paid $40 for the other one? of course.

to any non-fossil person, i sound like a huge brat i'm sure. we really are super lucky not only to get great deals all the time, but to be able to walk downstairs and go shopping twice a week for great merchandise. but i've become desensitized. when i look at a bag that retails for $350 and they sell it in the corporate store for $75, i scoff and refuse to look at it again until they mark it down to $50. i get PISSED when i buy something for full price...well, sort of....and then i see it for 3 bucks. grrr...

i suppose if you average the two costs of the dresses, they average out to $20 each. that ain't bad. but it SHOULD have been $6 total....

now i'm off to read until the american idol results show is over so i can start it and fast forward the parts i don't like :) go kris allen!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

two posts in one day...

ivy tagged me in another one of these blog thingies, she's so crazy :)
i have to list 5 things about myself that i think are sexy...

1. eye contact. it's all in the eye contact.
2. i think my pj's are sort of sexy. at the corporate store at fossil, they've had men's button down shirts on sale for a dollar (yes, a dollar). so i got a few big ones to sleep in. they are really comfy.
3. something about music is sexy. i don't play an instrument and i don't know a whole lot about music, but sometimes when i listen to particular things i feel sexy. and i like to dance and sing alone in my room :)
4. i'm going to steal one from ivy: i'm a pretty playful person. 
5. i'd like to think that i'm not openly sexy. i don't really want to try to be sexy, because not trying and actually being sexy. in my opinion. 

alright, alright

i apologize for leaving a month and a day between posts. i promise i will be better. here is a quick recap of the goings on:

- i am right on schedule with my 52 in '09 book readings. i'll be finishing up #7 today.  

- my dad signed me up to do this money managing class online (he and my mom did it and said it was very informative). i am learning a whole lot about saving and budgeting, which is great because i literally do not know where my money goes every month. i am bad. but now i have a budget so YAY! i am good

- legends of the fall is one of my favorite films now.

- i still love twilight and if you make fun of me, you'll get a bite to the jugular.

- i still really love my job. sure, sometimes i get fed up with people or get stressed out or annoyed at certain situations. but at the end of the day, what i do is so much fun - AND cool. i spend afternoons at the mall for competitive research and inspiration, i develop sunglasses that ultimately end up all over the world, i get to work with awesome people who encourage me and teach me so much every day - AND i laugh a lot. seriously, my boss christy and i are constantly giggling and singing things to each other. she is one of the most hilarious people i know. i'm really lucky to have such a great relationship with my boss. Fossil has it's drama, but i'm really happy where i am right now.

- last but not least: KH AND I ARE GOING TO EUROPE!! we booked our first vacation! this is a huge milestone for me. all vacations i have been on have been with my parents. THIS vacation - i didn't even ask them - i just booked it. know why? because i can. i am 23, who knew?? 

here are the details:
we fly from DFW to London direct on may 13 (arrive may 14) and spend a few days there. Then, we hop over to Paris for a 2-day jaunt (we are allocating the least amount of time there because neither of us speak the language and we are afraid of french people). we found a really cool "see paris in 2 days" itinerary online that has some great suggestions. THEN, we are going to BARCELONA. I am so freaking excited about Barcelona. we'll spend the most time there before we head over to Madrid to fly home. we'll be gone for 12 days :) it. will. change. my. life.

so, shivonne, you are an inspiration! if i don't come back, send a search party.