Sunday, January 27, 2008

my epiphany.

so the job is tolerable now. i know people, people know me, and i'm not as awkward. i've actually had FUN at work of a few occasions. most of that fun takes place over in gifts & home and the bridal salon. menswear is alright, i like the girls that work there but the men annoy me. so here is my epiphany:

i want to work in bridal. any way i can, i want to work with a bridal salon either as a consultant, a buyer, or perhaps someday even a purchaser of a wedding dress myself. hehe.

here's why:
1. it's a lovely atmosphere. that's the best word to describe it. everything is white and ethereal and gorgeous. i want to be surrounded by lovely.
2. the customers that come into bridal salons are happy all the time. you're working with women who recently got engaged...those types of people are in great moods and are very hard to accidentally piss off. 
3. it's a concentrated part of fashion. you're dealing with wedding gowns, veils, bridesmaid dresses, and shoes. that's it. no jeans/shirts/sweaters/dresses/pants or a bunch of other crap to have to style. it's simple and lovely. all things are easy to put together.
4. there are bridal salons in practically every city at every price point. it will be easier to find a job where i want. 
5. As a consultant, you usually have your own office and fitting room, you take appointments, and you don't have to walk around and say, "can i help you find something?" it's implied. everyone that walks into a bridal salon needs a wedding gown or bridesmaid dress, simple as that. it's not like working at a mall. stupid malls.
6. did i mention it's just a lovely atmosphere?

so there you have it folks. my epiphany. i love all things bridal. it's retail at it's finest. 


ps. i got to try on 2 wedding dresses retailing at $7,000 and $9,000! they were gorgeous. pictures to come. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

sinking in.

I'm pretty mad while I'm typing this right now. I have no real reason, I just feel mad. I started the job at Stanley Korshak yesterday and it went really well. The place is amazing, huge, and the people are really friendly. I'm just the new girl. I stand around asking to help and watching people do their jobs and then the real employees give me little jobs to fold, go get mail from their box, pick up shipments, fetch beverages for know. I'm the intern. At least I'm doing a boring job in a beautiful place, right?

Well, it certainly is beautiful. Full of very nice employees and very snobby clients. Seriously, these people are from a different planet. I bring one of the salespeople a beer for their client (the only beer I found in 2 of the fridges...) "oh, he doesn't drink domestic beer, sweetheart, get the [foreign one in a green bottle]". OH, I WASN'T AWARE THAT PEOPLE LIKE THAT EXISTED...I'M FROM AUSTIN. Y'all, I'm not kidding, I'm the hillbilly of the whole place. 
I'm taking it all out on this job unfairly, though. I don't loathe Stanley Korshak. People there are very sweet to me and the opportunity is incredible. About 3 minutes ago I realized that I am mad because I see no end in sight. Correction: I see no end, that I want to see, in sight. What gets me through sucky days like this is the fact that I have a life separate from the sucky day. I'll be able to just go home and sit with Boston, or make up some fun plans with girlfriends, or just sit and watch CSI with Brady. Today I came home to my parents and Grandma. I love them, I do. But when I explain my irritations, I hear, "well, that's just your internship, it's preparing you for the real job." Or, I'll get reprimanded for saying "frickin". I'm pretty sure my mom almost got out a wooden spoon (whilst giving me the look of death) because she thought I said the real F word. Of course my Grandma agreed with her, "oh yes, I did hear her say the real F word." Whatever. My life is no longer my own. The end that is in sight is the end of my internship and the beginning of a great new job. But the end that I wish with all my heart was in sight is a time when I can see all my friends again. The end where I don't have to be far away and I can say "frickin" whenever the frick I want. The end where I know exactly when the next kiss with Brady will happen. Now I just don't know when all that will be. And Boston is sitting in my mom's lap right now.

I miss you. 

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Beginnings & Endings

It's the new year. I'm really not big about them...I mean, people make these huge plans for "New Year's Eve", make resolutions they throw out the window by February, and get all sentimental about the previous year being over. 

*See Resolutions below*

However, I do find myself dealing with some significant changes with the arrival of 2008. I moved back to Arlington and live with my parents. I'm starting an internship that will serve as the foundation for my career. My closest friends are spread out across the globe. Brady and I are about to celebrate our 1 year anniversary in separate cities. 2008 is going to be pretty crazy, different and exciting, so I welcome it. Goodbye, Austin. Goodbye Old Laura.

Here's the Agenda for the next few weeks:

January 4: Boston gets her stitches removed 
January 5: Attend a hometown friend's wedding...wierd!
January 6: Do a little shopping for some clothes to wear to the new job (I don't want to look trampy...)
January 7: Maybe catch a movie with Bethany, catch up with some friends, pack
January 14: My first day on the job.
*Hopefully I'll see Brady sometime this month...

Oh are my Resolutions (that will hopefully last past February)
1. Exercise regularly and try to get more flexible
2. Eat healthier (aka. not fast food for every meal)
3. Start my Prayer Journal again

I'm pretty confident that I'm going to enjoy 2008.