Tuesday, April 29, 2008

one phone call.

i was told that i would receive a phone call about the job no later than monday (with a touch-base phone call on friday). well guess what? it's tuesday NIGHT. i have never been so frustrated. one phone call. i'm stranded. i don't want to apply of any other jobs (a reception job at the law firm my mom works at) because i might get this position with fossil. BUT i don't want to start preparing for working at fossil because i might get the shaft. i should know by now. i just need one phone call. 

i could go into further detail about common courtesy, the fact that i sent an email today and still heard no response, or the fact that i'm uber furious. but i won't bore you with those details.

so here i sit. completely stranded. 

well not completely, i'm going to visit austin tomorrow and staying as long as i possibly can. 

tonight was the last lonestar meeting at rudy's. i couldn't go - i'm not gonna lie, i kind of wanted to. i sent a final "senior thoughts from laura d" email out to the listserv and got the sweetest response from jenn jehli. i think that girl is great, she's always been one of the most genuine and caring people i've known in lonestars (besides MAH GIRLS). i feel comfortable knowing that there are girls like that in lonestars. gah, i loved college. special times. i hate that it makes me all sappy and emo. lonestars may have all sorts of girlie drama and stupid new rules and out-of-control parties, but it sure gave me some perfect friends. FOR LIFE. 

ok, enough of the sappiness. i need some champagne.

Friday, April 25, 2008

hanging in there.

that's exactly what i'm doing. 

it's all i can do, really, since the final interview yesterday was less than ideal. the ceo of fossil basically told me that he's not sure if i have enough experience with fossil since i haven't been through their 6-12 month training program (called the brand representative program). there are no brand reps available right now (they're still a-cookin in the program) and they needed someone for these positions now...they opened it up to us regulars. i'm lucky to even be considered - and i've known that all along! and they still chose me as the top candidate. yet, the one person who can veto my job offer is the one person who doesn't know if i'm qualified. wow. i'm not quite sure WHY all the other people i've interviewed with CHOSE me, or sent me to the office of the CEO if i am not qualified. seriously though, why would they make me go through all this just to come to the end and shut me down? i don't know, but it's making me a little upset, needless to say. 


my prayer is that IF this job would have been too difficult for me OR if i wouldn't have been happy in that position...for him to just take the opportunity away.
however, if i am capable of doing this job and will be able to enjoy it, then God will provide.

simple as that.

on to something more interesting:
i LOVE to make lists. i have a whole book dedicated to the lists i make and carry it around with me. i have them in word documents on my computer and notepads in my iphone. i just can't get enough of lists.

well...i discovered this website called listography. you can create an entire account and just MAKE LISTS. it's amazing. there is also a book you can buy called Listography that is equally amazing. i highly recommend opening an account. it's kind of like a blog...except for your LISTS. my profile is linked in the top right corner of my blog. you should check it out.

also, you should check out brady's myspace page because he wrote 2 new songs recently that are wonderful. he's such a talented musician. that's the fan in me talking, not the girlfriend :)

i'll let you girls know as soon as i find out something. thanks for your encouragement and prayers.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

potential workin girl.

so, after a GLORIOUS weekend with whit and ivy (more on that later) i managed to finish my project for fossil. i actually pulled an all nighter - awesome.

my parents were so amazing, they both helped me (between their power naps) and i finished at 8AM. i needed to leave the house at 9AM so i had time to shower! my dad drove me since i was sleep deprived :) anyway, i turned in the project and was told i'd be contacted this afternoon. well...

I'M THE TOP CANDIDATE! NUMBER 1 NUMBER 1!! I'm scheduled to meet with the CEO and the owner of fossil on thursday to seal the deal. it's the "final interview" - the top dogs like to interview every potential employee. unless they just hate me, i'll most likely get the job! 


in other news, whit and ivy came to arlington this weekend! it was totally rad. we went to six flags (and now are season pass holders - it was a good deal) and rode a ton of coasters. we also got a cool coupon book and used it for pretty much everything we purchased. we also had mimosas before we went. bad idea for me.

sunday we did a little shopping and hung out. ivy had to go home that evening :(
whitney and i went to the ft worth zoo on monday and it was neato. i loved the foxes and the giraffes and elephants and rhinos and hippos and lions. jaguars too.

OH! and whit and i got to talk to shivonne ON THE PHONE for like an hour. it was TOTALLY AWESOME. it was so good to hear her voice and hear how she's doing and what she's doing and all that great stuff. i'm so proud of her. i have the most badass friends ever. i feel so lucky to have such amazing friends to count on,  just to know that there are people in this world who love me so deeply is special. i am always encouraged. love love love. 

now i must go clean up the whirlwind of a mess i left in the tv/work room :) WORTH IT!


Monday, April 14, 2008

oh happy day.

Saturday was my last day at Stanley Korshak! 

i'm really excited to no longer be a lowly intern. now i'm ready to take on a real job and i couldn't be more thrilled. although i complained a lot, i really think that korshak was a good experience overall. i met a lot of sweet people, i got some great experience and advice from people who are extremely intelligent both in the field and in life, and have a better idea of what i want to do for a career. everyone was so sweet and told me that they would miss me and that i was one of the best interns they've had. they even got me a "last-day" cake! (i'm like the first intern who's ever gotten a cake on their last day)!

in other news, i was called in for a final interview at fossil for the product coordinator position in sunwear. it's between me and one other candidate and they decided that we don't have to do the project. i am also going to meet with another department-head for a product coordinator position with women's watches. so they pretty much want to put me somewhere... i guess they want me to still be a product coordinator even if i can't be a sunwear PC. 

so that's pretty exciting! i feel like fossil is really wanting me to work for them - or else they wouldn't be telling me all this, right? 

anyways, be praying for me around 1:30 on wednesday!!

i'm also getting a little antsy about this job because if i get it, i'll be moving to richardson. brady isn't sure what he's doing yet - he's still looking for jobs too. we're not sure if they're going to be in the same city, but i know God's gonna take care of it all. he always does. 


Thursday, April 10, 2008

fritzy witzy was a bear.

i had a tingly thing happen to me today.

my iphone beeps whenever i get emails, so i basically receive them like text messages. i got a blog notification email that had shivonne's comment to my previous email. it was encouraging, as always, but as i read her words, "we're all praying for you," i got tingles all over. i felt it. i just felt that overwhelming sensation, of knowing that you girls are coming before God and petitioning him on my behalf - knowing that i am being supported from so many different angles. my eyes welled up with tears (of happiness, mind you), and i just had the feeling that everything was going to be ok. 

then about an hour later i received another email. from fossil. 
they're calling tomorrow to give me the mini-project to present at my NEXT INTERVIEW. one more round and i should know a solid yes or no-go.

so i just wanted to let you know that i'm praying for you, too. if you're reading this, you're most likely in my thoughts and prayers daily and it is my greatest joy to bring your unique situations to Christ. it's where i feel that i am the greatest help - it's my way of contributing to the struggles/joys that you face (besides just discussing them - i have no answers to give, only encouraging words). 

whether or not i am in your prayers, i want to thank you for the support and encouragement you, beloved reader, have given me. it is because of that encouragement i am inspired and driven. 

today was a good day.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

i'm on the fritz. yes ivy, the fritz.

rain is falling so hard and i can hear the thunder. it's lovely. snuggling up in my bed during a storm is my favorite. 

here's why i'm on the fritz:
i still haven't heard back from Fossil. my interview was last monday and i was told that i was a top candidate. i was told that i would most likely make it to the next interview and that they would contact me asap because they wanted the position filled immediately (in the next 2 weeks). well i've heard nothing and it's been over a week. my internship is over in 4 days (LOUD REJOICING!!) so i'm really wondering what's going on. they had said i had perfect timing! y'all, if Fossil waits this long to call just to reject me, i don't know what i'm going to do. maybe go on a rampage? perhaps TP the corporate office? well, probably just cry and throw something in my room. i understand that i am just one candidate in a myriad of people who are trying to get all kinds of jobs with the company, but seriously? this is my future we're talking about (or NOT talking about, obviously).

enough about that. it makes me cranky. not cute.

know how i love the show scrubs? well, along with the office, it's going to be all new this thursday! AAAND...i'm always thinking to myself after every episode i watch, "self, i love this  music but i don't know what songs they are, i sure wish i did." well, friends, i downloaded a bit of the scrubs soundtrack AND stumbled upon an entire site dedicated to listing every song that has been featured on every episode. ever. so cool. i love people and their lame hobbies. 

do y'all remember that song that goes, "i got the hooch, baby, i got the only sweetest thang in the world..." love. it. go get it: "Hooch" by Everybody. you'll know it when you hear it.

bottom line, i miss you all. i think of you all the time :) 
thank you for all of the encouragement during my internship, it makes it not seem so hard (that's what she said).


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

this is a long post.

update on Fossil: i interviewed with 4 people on monday. the interview was about 2 and a half hours long, it went well, so i'm hoping to get asked back for a 2nd interview. i also may have to do a project as part of the interview process. more on that if i hear some good news.

i also wanted to give you all a little more insight into my everyday activities at stanley korshak. i added an album to my picasa with a few photos with descriptions about all things interny (i was inspired by everyone else's recent uploads). i hope you enjoy if you choose to view. 

on a side note, i have a thought.
during lonestar tryouts, we'd come up with the most ridiculous questions to ask the candidates during the "speed dating" interview. one in particular has left a little bit of an impression on me because i JUST figured out my perfect answer to this question:

"if you had a theme song to your life, what would it be?"

wow. that is such a great question, yet almost impossible to answer. do you say your current favorite song? no. that will change with your life stages and taste in music. do you pick a classic song that reminds you of yourself? i can't do that...there are too many songs to choose from. so here is my answer:

"More Than A Feeling" by Boston. 
here is why. skim through the lyrics and my answer will follow:

i woke up this morning, the sun was gone
i turned on some music to start my day
i lost myself in a familiar song
i closed my eyes and i slipped away

it's more than a feeling
when i hear that old song they used to play
i begin dreaming
'til i see marianne walk away
i see my marianne walking away

so many people have come and gone
their faces fade as the years go by
yet i still recall as i wander on
as clear as the sun in the summer sky


when i'm tired and thinking cold
i hide in my music, forget the day
and dream of a girl i used to know
i closed my eyes and she slipped away
she slipped away...


this is the theme song of my life. not because i had a girlfriend named marianne that dumped me. but because i, too, am able to slip away into different memories, feelings, through music. i could go on about people coming and going in your life, yet they are still "clear as the sun in the summer sky" when you can just feel them. i like how this song illustrates music being sensual. you hear it and it causes you to feel...even more than a feeling...you drift into the moment.

it encompasses all songs. please listen to it immediately and find out for yourself. or at least think of me anytime you hear it from now on, because it will be the soundtrack in my head as i go through life. 

namaste. love/miss.