Friday, December 19, 2008

tagging? what? i'm confused.

ok, so i am not quite sure what this whole thing means...but here is the 4th photo from the 4th "event" (i don't have albums, my photos are divided into events on iphoto) on my computer: 

no lie. this is actually the photo.

and now to explain myself: this was taken during last christmas break when brady and i were on one of our many drives back and forth to austin/arlington/hamilton etc. i decided it would be entertaining to wrap my scarf around my head and pose as a ninja to scare brady as he was driving. it was less scary and mostly ridiculous. 

this past weekend was AMAZING. expect some crazy photos to be posted on facebook :)


Sunday, December 7, 2008

goings on

my sincere apologies for taking over a month to post...this is part of my birthday present to ivy (who got on to me for not blogging in a long time). happy birthday ivylicious! may i remind you, however, that no blogger is worse than whitney, that little hooker hasn't written since february :)

the new roommate sitch is going extremely well, KH and i are having an absolute blast. she's been showing me around town and helping me realize that dallas isn't so's actually kind of awesome. i fought it for so long, always saying that nothing is better than our beloved austin (i still believe this to be true), but dallas is coming pretty close. we're even hosting our own little christmas party this wednesday night! i wish y'all could be there :(

here is KH and i out on the town. i think you girls will love her...
Thanksgiving was really nice. we had a low key lunch, just me, my parents  and grandma. i made jalapeno creamed corn (delish recipe from a coworker) and sweet potato casserole. it was a really nice little vacation from work and time spent at home. 
the pops.
I've also been to a couple of concerts this month, very exciting. KH had tickets to COLDPLAY and invited me to go with her (special roomie date!). we went out to dinner before and then went to the AAC and rocked out. it was an incredible show. absolutely life changing. if you don't have the album, viva la vida, get it. immediately. 
this past friday i went to 'how the edge stole christmas' at nokia theater. there were a bunch of bands there, but the only ones i wanted to see were snow patrol and death cab for cutie. i went with a couple friends from work, austin and ben. we had SO much fun, our tickets were actually really good, too. both of them talked to the band from like the 25th row. at one point, austin screamed "I LOVE CHRISTMAS" to snow patrol and the lead singer asked him if he needed a cuddle, to which austin responded "YES". it was a really special moment.
here is me and austin, super giddy about death cab (and no, that isn't just a random creepy guy behind us, that's ben)
so that is what i've been up to in a nutshell. i'm still loving the village church and my home group. they are some amazing girls. God has been blessing me with wonderful new friendships and such peace. i have officially become a dallasite. who knew? 

aaand after christmas my family is going to VEGAS for a reunion :) brady is going to get to come too so we're pumped about getting to spend some time together. i haven't gotten to see him for a few weeks so hopefully we will be able to plan something for before we go to vegas. bos and i miss him!

OH, and how could i forget how VERY excited i am about this weekend because ... (angels start to sing)...i'm going to HOUSTON for a little vacation!! i can't WAIT to see my little poison ivy, captain whit and shivy!!