Thursday, March 27, 2008

lo siento.

no updates lately, my apologies. here's what's happening:

i have another interview with Fossil on Monday! It's for a Product Coordinator Position in Sunwear. I'd be developing the sunglasses line, catalog, and packaging (the tins that the watches come in). I could go into more fabulous detail but i shall refrain for now. It is just as awesome as the other one i interviewed i'm really hoping this all works out! i'm kind of nervous...but i know that God will put me where i'm supposed to be.

so pray for the job! i need it! i want it!

love you people.

more to come.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the little things.

it's little things that make me really giddy:

i still get little butterflies when i see "brady davis" on my caller id.
when people give me compliments on what i'm wearing - it makes me feel like i chose the right major and i'm not just a fashion wannabe.
when i find something freaking awesome that works out real perfect-like.
my poll tells me that the ma
jority voted "no" on hair extensions. i took your advice because it is quite costly, and hair does grow on its own. however, after a striking magazine ad (those advertising people, gotta love em), and some internet research (my favorite past-time) i found the solution to my problem, thanks to jessica simpson and ken paves (the latter i spotted at the korshak not too long ago). 
ta da!
 not quite a dumbfrick like i had first said, but it's just blah-normal.

boom shackalacka.

best of both worlds. long hair. my exact color. TEMPORARY. inexpensive. 

ok enough about my hair extensions (that look so legit in real life, might i add), i hit my less-than-4-weeks marker for the internship. that's right...i've been at this for 9 solid weeks. can you believe it's been that long already? crazy. so close. 

in other news, i spent a fantastic 3-day weekend in Hamilton with brady and his family. it was really great, i love going there - it's a wonderful town. 
as i drove away, i cried. not because i miss brady. but because i miss everyone special in my life. i live in a place where some of the most important people to me are far away. this makes me sad, and there is no other way to describe it, and there is no other way to express it except out my eyes. 


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

more on fossil.

another contact from fossil called me today to tell me that since i am not available to start immediately, she's not able to hold the job for me. however, she told me to contact her when i have a week left in my internship (she said that there will most likely be a job opening then, too). 

reasons why i will not be discouraged by this: 

1. worrying is making me ugly.
2. constantly thinking about desperately nailing down a job/apartment/new life is making time go by slower. and that's NOT what i need right now.
3. if i accept a job offer now, what if a better one comes along that i have to turn down (i.e. the first job i interviewed for becomes available)? i'd be mighty sick about that.

i will find a job. there is no use sitting around wondering what it's gonna be. i don't have a frickin crystal ball. i just got hope. and that's all i need. 

ps. brady is talking more and more about moving up here. he's pretty sure he will once i settle into a real job. this is very good news.

i miss you all very much. i want you to know that i think of you often, i have fond memories sporadically floating through my head involving all you girls which make my days a little less dreary. thanks for that. love/miss.

no worries.

first of all, i love photoshop (which is how i made the image to the left), and second of all, i have been feeling very worrysome (hence, the image to the left). 

no word yet from fossil. i am hoping to hear back sometime this week. i have adequately followed up, so the ball is in their court. 
hey, he takes care of those birds, doesn't he?

i have been spending loads of my time browsing the web. dani introduced me to a few sites (creative blogs, design sites, etc.) and my surfing has exploded into an addiction...that has overtaken all of my free time. i am feeling so inspired. ideas are flowing, people. i pretty much NEED an apartment (the largest blank canvas there is) to carry out all of my design ideas so i don't implode from inspiration overload. 

to do list for before the internship is over (countdown: 4.5 weeks):

- write my research paper.
- send out officer gifts (from back when i was president...i still have a few. bad laura).
- design and make my seafoam green sundress (i have the fabric and the sewing machine, now i need to find the time).
- make a quilt to serve as my new bedspread.
- learn how to use my mom's fancy camera and become a photographer.
- train boston.
- finish my books
    (the irresistible revolution, living yoga, lolita, & confessions of a shopaholic - all of which i am in the middle of).
- make a master list of everything i want to do with my future apartment (which will hopefully be found soon).

sorry this post is so blah. i've become a homebody and don't like to do much when i get home from work.

my mom got us a wii!!! it's bad awesome, and we got guitar hero for it too! i'm probably also going to develop some mad skills in the next few weeks.

last thing on the to do list:
- master all things wii.

i am one hot mess.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


the long awaited phone call finally happened today...i heard back from fossil. dun dun DUN! olivia (the person in charge of filling the position) told me that she had some good news and some bad news. 

the bad news: someone was recently hired very high up in the company to work at the hong kong headquarters. 
       how this relates to me - the job that i interviewed for was not an established position, it was a position added to the handbag department (title: product coordinator) in order for things to run more smoothly. the addition of this new higher-up position caused complications with the handbags coordinator position, so the company has to postpone the addition. so basically, no one gets the least not for an unspecified, possibly long, amount of time.

the good news: they wanted me for it.
how the good news is even sweeter: she said that they really loved me for the job and thought that i was a perfect fit for fossil. since it could be up to 6 months before they are ready to hire someone for that position, they did not want to leave me hanging and keep me she found another position that i can interview for. "we think that you would be a great asset to our company and we want to find a place for you," she said. 

i was pretty much almost guaranteed some sort of position there! she could have just said, sorry, i'll call you if it opens up. no. the reason she waited so long to contact me was because she was looking for SOME opportunity to get me into the company. and she said that if the position i originally interviewed for is ready to be filled before i commit to anything else, she'd call ME. i still have 5 and a half weeks before my internship is over, but now the chances of me securing a job after it's over are pretty high. and with FOSSIL...the company that i have been wanting to work for all along. God is good. 

when i find out more information i will most definitely keep you posted. thank you so much for all of your encouragement and prayers, i could really feel the support of all of you. it looks like i'll be living in richardson, girlies! i wouldn't be able to live at home and work there - it's already a 40 minute drive from my house (with NO traffic) and i have to pay $2 in tolls. a daily 3 hour round trip paying $2 each time would not be good for me. 

nothing is set in stone, but i feel like i have more direction. just when i start getting discouraged God blindsides me and reminds me that i should have just trusted Him all along. silly Laura. 


Monday, March 3, 2008



i have become completely obsessed with the internet lately. i'm serious. i've logged into my myspace more times in the last week than i did in the last 6 months, i've created this website just about...myself, and i've somehow linked all of these together in one mega laura-stalking paradise (for those of you who give a crap). i think i must be truly starved for interaction with the outside world or something. i didn't care about all this stuff when i was in austin. now i suppose i'm desperately trying to keep myself up-and-running in some form of media so that y'all don't forget me. i don't know why that would happen since we are all pretty freaking good at keeping up with each other being separated and all. 

update on life at rancho milk dud:
still nothing from fossil. i sent a follow-up email and got an auto-response saying "she'll be out of the office". hmmm. something fishy is going on. either that or they just forgot to formally reject me. 
i decided to not be super upset about it though. i was really mad a few days ago, going on and on about how i'm a failure and how i really really wanted that job and how it was the opportunity of a lifetime that is passing me by...blah blah wah. and then brady goes and pisses me off so bad. he says, "would you stop getting so upset about this? you're being ridiculous. this is the first real job that you've ever interviewed for in your life. you're wasting your time worrying about it." i'm like, COME ON. i can be upset about this if i want! he has a point, but i just really wanted that job... "NO BUTS" he says. "it was your first job interview. there will be plenty more opportunities like this one. everything will work out the way it's supposed to. end the sentence there." 

you want to know the thing that really made me mad? he's right. 

he told me exactly what i needed to hear. he gave me some perspective. i suppose you shouldn't get mad at someone for encouraging you. 

also, i'm taking a poll:

Laura getting hair extensions. yes or no? they'd be natural looking - using human hair. i need your feedback, girls. dani has given me all the info i need. now it's do or don't.