Saturday, July 26, 2008

Part II

welcome to the tour of Laura's new apartment in Richardson, Texas. i've lived here for almost 2 months now - i can't believe it! time is blowing by me. work has been really great (aside from a little mishap on friday that i will explain to you now):

owen wilson is apparently friends with the top people at fossil and he comes and hangs out at corporate a couple times a year. well, friday was one of those times. i saw him in the art library reading while i was walking with some people to the corporate store (which is only open wed mornings and fri afternoons). that was pretty cool, i nonchalantly took a picture with my iphone and made it look like i was texting. so swank. anyway, when i get back from the store, there was a cluster of people in my and christy's cubie area. they told me that they were looking all over for me because owen had come in to the sundeck to see the men's sunwear line. he took a 2009 sample. I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE TO SHOW HIM THE LINE - IT IS MY LINE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. owen wilson will most likely be photographed wearing MY sunglasses and i wasn't even the one to give them to him. everyone felt very sorry for me. i wanted to scream. being THE design/development coordinator for men's sunglasses should be a real perk for when important (famous) people come to visit Fossil, because who doesn't like to get new sunglasses? but i missed my first opportunity. that bites.

onto the tour!
here is boston wondering why i'm taking pictures of our apartment. the second picture is her realizing that she was indeed the one being photographed, so she had to pose. i live with a model.

ok - below is my living area: bistro table, bookshelf and the view of the living room from my kitchen sink. 

here are more kitchen photos: my stove and drink maker, a view from the living room (and also of boston's eating area) and the fridge. that room to the right of the fridge is my laundry room. i don't have a washer/dryer yet so i use it for storage and boston uses it as a bathroom. if you're wondering what those photos are above boston's bowl, they're black-and-white shots of boston running outside. also "beware of dog".

i hope you've enjoyed part 2 (actually this is part 1 for you since you're reading it from top to bottom). i really like living here and love visitors...

sorry about the wacky formatting. organizing posts with numerous photo is challenging so bear with me.

Part I

so here it is. i have come to the point where i feel all moved in to my new place - so now i can show it to the world (or the select few who care). the photos are a bit out of order and this is only part 1 of 2, but here goes:

here is my shower and potty. i use these two babies every day. 

behold, the other half of my bathroom. i like the lights above my mirror. it makes me feel like a celebrity getting ready in an old-fashioned dressing room.

here is the part of the tour where you get really jealous of how humungous my closet is (she snickers).

my bed and notorious wardrobe from ikea. the mannequin is serving as a scarf rack, but maybe someday she will be used in a more creative way.

my bedroom. 
i found a really mod bookshelf at ikea that i use as my headboard. very functional - i love it. new curtains from (who is fast becoming a close friend).

and here is my front door and living room. there was really no method to my decorating, it's very ecclecticized (obviously made-up term), but it feels like me.

this is the view of the place when you walk in the front door. my bedroom is on the other side of the red wall.

this is also what you see when you walk in the front door. living area to the right, kitchen to the left and down the hall on the right is the bedroom, across from which is my bathroom. the door straight ahead leads nowhere. the fossil bag hanging on the doorknob to the door that leads nowhere is filled with sunglasses - big surprise.

Since you are probably reading this from the top down, this is the end of the tour. i truly hope that you will get to see it in person (if you haven't already). i have incidentally become a very good hostess and enjoy having guests (so does boston).

thanks for taking my tour.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th and stuff

i promised ivy that i would post, although there is not so much to report. 

brady came in town this weekend! we had so much fun. it was really nice to have him here. we went and saw fireworks in the park, had dates, and just hung out together. he makes me really happy :)

i also really like fireworks - they are so cool. just sitting there watching them made me feel happy. it makes me excited to think that someday i'll be taking my kids to see fireworks, it's just something you do every year, like christmas. 

something else that has been making me happy is netflix. dani has given me one of the coolest gifts ever and opened me up to the fantastic world of movie heaven. i've been watching a lot of classics - very lovely. if you have any suggestions let me know ;)

the apartment is pretty much done! i love it so much. i keep it very clean, which may surprise some people, but it's true. visitors are welcome anytime. 

ok i promise my next post will be way more interesting. i'm a little preoccupied with my current netflix: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" - an 80's Sarah Jessica Parker flick - HA!

love. miss. namaste.