Thursday, August 21, 2008

some cool things i know.

i went to austin this weekend and it was so much fun. i got to see some great friends i hadn't seen in a long time and spend a lot of quality time with brady. since i hadn't seen him in 5 weeks, i was pleasantly reminded of how much fun we have together - and how in love with him i am. 

i also got to see dani get a tattoo! i am very proud. she has a beautiful, simple heart on her wrist. of course, getting the tattoo was way more painful that she had expected. after she told us how bad her wrist was hurting, brady says, "now you know how jesus felt". classic brady.

april and heather - i must personally apologize for not getting to see you when i was in town, i hope you will forgive me. i must say that 94% of my time in austin was with brady and i know that you two can definitely relate to how important it is to spend quality time :) but do not fear - i will be back in austin for labor day weekend (3 days yay!!)!

anyway - i do have to leave you with something that brady introduced me to. it's a song that is absolutely lovely and inspiring. please listen and love. the video is beauty.

brooke fraser. shadowfeet. see above, it is now part of my blog.

when the world is falling out from under me
i'll be found in you - still standing
when the sky rolls up and mountains fall on their knees
when time and space are through - i'll be found in you

Thursday, August 14, 2008

read this second. another out-of-order post.

ok before you go to this link, read my post below. 

after writing my last post, i felt really guilty and googled "michael phelps". 

this was the first hit google gave me. note that i wrote that BEFORE i read this article.

and this is me resting my case. 

i love the olympics....but...

i am sick of all this frickin swimming. i mean - congratulations, athletes, you can swim fast. but seriously how many different races can they put together for ONE SPORT. there are 4 different strokes (ha, i just thought of that show) and one all-4-combo, but within each stroke there are like all these different lengths and stuff. it's SWIMMING. 

i'm sick of michael phelps too (gasp). yea. i'm sure he's a really nice guy and all, but him being "the most decorated olympian in history"? please. he does ONE sport. this implies that he is like a superhero who does like 4 sports. just because you do the same thing like in 34 different ways doesn't really distinguish him among other olympians. Misty May and Kerri Walsh DOMINATE sand volleyball, but they will only get 1 gold medal per olympic year they compete (to phelps' 6+ per year for swimming). they won't get gold medals for "best dig" or "best block". softball players don't even get to count their olympic golds anymore because they dominate too much. now i commend michael phelps for his incredible achievements in his sport (singular). but i think that he should be referred to as "the most decorated SWIMMER in olympic history". because that's what he is. you think those badminton players are any less successful as him in one olympic season if they just win one gold medal? NO. they are both specialists in one sport. 

plus...i only like when the do those underwater views of the swimming races. they look cooler. on the surface it's harder to see stuff cause the splashes.

i think i'd rather sit through Mama Mia! again than have to see another freaking swimming race. 

ok i take that back. swimming wins. but i won't like it. 

more commentary on the 2008 olympic games coming up soon.