Friday, October 30, 2009

lovin' this.

imogen heap, that is.

first train home
bodies disengage, our mouths are fleshing over
as hiss and echo gain, irises retreat into ovals of white
the urge to feel your face, in blood, rushing to paint my handprint
and frisbee one by one; your vinyl on laminate, i'm desperate for some kind of contact

first train home, i've got to get on it
(to catch, to catch, to catch-catch)
first train home

temporal dead zone where clocks are barely breathing
yet no one cares to notice for all their yamming on, i clam up to hold it together
i want to play-do waveforms in the hideaway
i want to get on with getting on with things
i want to run in fields, paint the kitchen, love someone
but i can't do any of that here, can i?

first train home, i've got to get on it

so what? you've had one to many
so what? i'm not that much fun to be with
so what? you've got a silly hat on
so what? i didn't want to come here anyway

what matters to you, doesn't matter to me
what matters to me, doesn't matter to you
what matters to you, doesn't matter to them
what matters to them, doesn't change anything

got to get on it
first train home

(i have this on repeat)
and i'm real excited for nov 17 (!!!)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

hump day

this weekend was nice and laid back. i went to paul's gallery and saw his stellar photos from the trips he's taken to the Sudan and DC (i need to get some photog lessons, stat). after that, i was feeling sort of down so i went to my parents' house to hang out...which always makes me feel better. [also, a sweet email from shiv really lifted my spirits too :)]. the next day, i woke up to my dad walking into my room in full vader-gear, breathing like james earl mom holding a chihuahua, giggling behind him. that's why i come home.

they also went to their own halloween party last weekend. they are legit. the dog never leaves this spot.
i also had the pleasure of puppysitting my friend joshulyn's chihuahua, flip. he is so precious and got along well with bos. they pretty much napped on their respective couches all weekend. i felt like i lived on a chihuahua farm or paris hilton's closet.

i am also doing a lot better. i have really great friends who are always there for me and i'm so lucky to have such wonderful people surrounding me from all over the world. i've decided that i'm not going to be sad and weepy anymore, because that's not good. and i don't even know why i'm even that upset anyways. the more i think about it, the clearer things become. maybe that's because i've moved into anger...which is also more funny. now i'm able to laugh at myself and realize that i have to be somewhat of a decent person if the people who call me their friend are those i esteem so highly... i mean, i must be pretty great if my friends are absolutely INCREDIBLE, right? thanks friends, you're lovely.

November is going to be the best month ever. i'm SO ready for it to GET HERE.

- Hanson with Hellogoodbye on Nov 1 with reeds and some bestfriends.
- My 24th Birthday! Plus other birthdays too...
roomie and I are going to have our birthday shindig as our new condo debut party :) it's almost finished. and IVY is coming to visit me!!
- Imogen Heap at the Granada on Nov 17. yes.
- New Moon releases on Nov 19, you better believe i'm going to the midnight showing...and a pre-party with my twilight girls before
- FRIENDSGIVING...dani and ava are coming up from NB for a visit! we're all going to LC's place for a feast with friends and babies :) so excited
- Thanksgiving :)

I'm sure there are lots of other funsies that will happen in the great month of November, but those are just some highlights. october, get out of my life! i'm done with you. you're not even the 8th month, poser.


Friday, October 23, 2009

i needed this.

so i've had these plain black flats for a while now. i've never worn them since they were purchased from forever21 for 14 bucks. see below, sad and boring.

so i decided that instead of trying to sell them to buffalo exchange never having worn them, i'd modify them to be wearable (for me, anyways). a trip to hobby lobby, a tube of super glue and some acrylic gems later, i was able to create my own version of jeweled flats.
VOILA!! and there you have it. my friday afternoon get-me-through-the-day activity. now i'm looking for other things to bedazzle. next up: a little notebook i keep in my handbag. i write everything from to-do lists to bible verses...or anything i want to remember. obviously i had to make it sparkly.i still have some jewels left over. what next....

happy weekend. let's try to make it a good one, eh?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

photos being worth many words, part 2

goings-on in october...last weekend i was able to get a little R&R at my folks' house. they were in portland for a wedding (one of my childhood friends, i was sad i didn't get to go...but i think a wedding would have sent me over the edge). it was really nice to lay around with my puppies and do nothing. i needed it bigtime. the past few weeks, i've been suffering from a bit of stess cardiomyopathy. if you don't know what that is, google it. maybe i'm being dramatic...but i really can't help it. if you've seen me in the last week, you know i'm not joking.

the newest addition to the dudney family: Penny Lane
Penny Lane and Boston, the chihuahuas of the family

a couple weeks ago, my mom and i took an innocent trip to petsmart to pick up some dog food. upon entering and reading the sign "pet adoptions today"...we knew we were in for some trouble. especially because my dad was out of town.
we saw this little precious and immediately fell in love.
she had been picked up about 2 weeks prior to this adoption day and was found in the woods. this baby had been living on her own in the wild...can you imagine? she was all skin and bones and fur, totally emaciated. it wasn't a hard decision for us, she was unloved...and we had just enough to go around. she's doing great now, on some medications and getting along well with our other dogs :) we love her very much.

i was so excited when i got to make a little visit to see this niece of mine when i was in austin for ACL. she is a bundle of love and i'm crazy about her. dani is a beautiful mother and i absolutely can't wait to see them again.

dani and daugther love.

ACL. day 3.

ACL. day 2. rainfest.

ACL. day soggy mess.
i could go into detail about the ACL aspect of the weekend, but it will turn into a rant that would leave you to believe that i was miserable. i was, but i wasn't ungrateful for the experience. i got to see whitney AND ivy, which are rare occurrences. ivy and troy were in town for her brother's 21st birthday. on saturday we all stayed in a hotel suite together...have you ever slept in a king sized bed with your best friend and her husband? i have.
festive house key.
our new condo is FANTASTIC. we seriously love it.
hopefully we'll have it up-and-running in the next week or two.

so that's pretty much it for my life recently.

not pictured noteworthy tidbits: gym membership at 24hour fitness. going strong...worked out 3 days/week for the last 2 weeks. i've done yoga (in love with it), a step class (not so in love with that) and a lifting class (which burned me from the inside, in a good way). CC and i have been working out together, which is so nice. having a partner makes it easier and more motivating. i'm trying out cycling on saturday so we'll see how that goes. i've also cut out chocolate and alcohol from my diet. i'm going to get my life together. mark my words. oh, and my friends are the best. so completely wonderful... i'd still be curled up on my bed-with-no-sheets lying in a pool of my own snot and tears if it weren't for them. so, thanks friendlies.


they say a photo is worth a thousand words

me with little olivia (daughter of lauren, aka "sweet tooth camp"). i like to call her ollie :) look at that tongue! there is a video at the bottom of the post - too cute for words.

alysha's apartment (she was a lovely host for dani's baby shower). dani's friend skylar had made a mold of dani's ava-belly, so precious.
showering babyava with some lovin'.
some sodas, upon dani's request :)

this video is hilarious, manily because you'd think the 3 of us had never seen a baby before. lauren, bethany and i are huddled around liv with our iphones capturing prepared for ridiulous "ooooh's and aaaawww's". we can't help it. we're girls.

love, miss, namaste.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


if you know me really really well, you know that i am having a bit of a rough day/week/month/year. i am needing some prayer right now bigtime.

this weekend i'll be going to my folks' place to dogsit (we got a new dog who is being nursed back to to come when i feel better). aside from watching the OU game with some friends in dallas, i'll be resting up at home. i need to catch up on reading and will most likely watch the following movies:

- 27 dresses
- happy-go-lucky
- legally blonde (if i start feeling really bad)

all in all, i have a new found respect for jennifer aniston. i wish i could ask her for advice. i am so dramatic.