Wednesday, November 5, 2008

no news is good news? nope.

i am very sorry that i haven't blogged in a while. it's not even because i don't have anything great to report - i totally do, it's just that i have been so busy here that i forget that you all don't magically know everything that's going on without me typing it out.

as most of you know, brady and i broke up about a month ago. we were having some issues with long distance and our spiritual lives and thought it best to separate for a while. i still love him, of course, but i think this is best for us right now. i need to make a life for myself here. Dallas isn't temporary - i have a career here. i have new friends. i have a church community. i need to stop having one foot in austin and one foot in Dallas (as much as i love Austin...)

we still talk. he came to visit this past weekend and it was great to see him. we're really just wanting to focus on our pursuit of Christ before anything else - and to be honest, it has given me such wonderful peace. i really am doing so well. i am now in a home group through my church (the village) that meets on tuesday nights - and the girls are amazing. they have really embraced me and made me feel at home here. and now i have a roomie! we're having a TON of fun. visitors welcome.

oh, and i spent the afternoon doing market and trend research at the mall. i got paid to go shopping - because it helps me do my job. how lucky am i??

i love and miss you all so much. i promise that next post will be more detailed and juicy. namaste.

no news is good news? nope.