Monday, September 15, 2008

not too much going on.

hello all.

sincere apologies for not posting in a while, but my internet is on the fritz at the apartment. i'm at work right now - it's been pretty slow lately since the development process is over for the spring 1 line. this is very exciting news because it means that MY work will begin. when i say 'my', i mean, my designs and interpretations of the direction that fossil is moving on the "modern-vintage continuum". i won't be developing things that other people came up with anymore. fun fun.

i seriously can't believe i get paid for this. it absolutely does not feel like work. 

and now for a little section i'd like to call: Finding the Drama in Every Perfectly Great Situation.

I got my dream job right out of college. most people's first jobs are low down on the totem pole and they pay their dues to get to where they want to go. they have goals for their job, and entire years where they just work towards to the next promotion. 

i am perfectly happy where i am. sure, there is room for promotions & raises within my actual position - but that's just going to come with time. i'm not working hard to "get noticed" so that the boss can save me from 40 hours a week of grunt work. i don't dread coming to my cubie, in fact, i love it. 

here's the drama: it is hard to transition from the life of working towards something to a life of just working. period. i can't make time go faster. no matter how hard i work, i won't get my first raise until a year has passed. the things i am looking forward to are not things that you can control: marriage, babies, domestic bliss, etc. i'm just waiting it out - which is funny, because isn't that what we're doing here on earth anyway? just living as faithfully as we can until Jesus picks us up?


on a lighter note, my mom and i got some new makeup this weekend - the bare escentuals collection. it's SO me. very natural. you can sleep in it - which is good because i ALWAYS sleep in my makeup. bad, i know, but i'm just lazy. i'm still learning because i have no clue how to apply eye makeup - but the good thing is i have a DVD and booklet ;)

this makeup line is on Laura's highly recommended list.