Tuesday, March 9, 2010

un-privatizing for 2 seconds

since i have been a superslacker and haven't written a post since privatizin' myself, i don't feel so bad about lifting this secrecy for a little bit. also, to my surprise...a few of my friends have been asking about the blog and whatnot and i realized i didn't actually have everyone's email address. so here's your shot to be added to the list. it's kind of like when you're standing outside of a really hip club trying to get in and you get to cut in line because you're name is on the VIP list. except not really. but send me an email (ldudney@gmail.com) or leave a comment and i'll make sure you get to cut in line and leave the hoes on the curb.

a few things have happened since my last entry, but don't be scared because these events will be recounted in upcoming posts:

- i went to connecticut and boston; espn headquarters, john mayer concert, etc.
- i had major face surgery aka wisdom tooth removal.
- i survived both of these events, barely.
- i saw jay-z live HOLLA.
- i went to austin for the lonestar alum party and got to see dani and ava. fantastic.
- i looked up my phobias on the internet: agoraphobia, androphobia, autophobia, cleithrophobia, defecaloesiophobia, dentophobia, erotophobia, iatrophobia, lockiophobia, melissophobia, odontophobia, ouranophobia, selachophobia, social phobia, zelophobia.

i have tons of phobias, which scares me.
anyway, i'll get back with some legit material soon. until then, love/miss/namaste.


"Julie" said...

ahhh I want to be a cool kid! add me to the list! :)

Allison said...

Samesies :) allison.m.darling@gmail.com.

So glad I got to see you this weekend!

Shivonne said...

dear blogmaster,
i need me a laura fix! new post please. how else can i get updates on the awesomeness that is miss dudney? thank you in advance for your consideration.
your dedicated reader,

Kimberly Ruth said...

laura, can i be included on the blog list? i love reading your updates! hope you're doing well and i still wanna catch up!! lots of love. Ruthie