Wednesday, May 6, 2009

holy frick

i am leaving for the uk in 7 days and i have so much to do. i need to make sure i have a power converter or adapter thingy so i can plug in my laptop...but it's different in the uk and spain so i don't know what to do. i guess i'll just have to go to the apple store and have them help me (i love the apple store, by the way. such a calming atmosphere. i feel such positive energy and end up leaving swinging my arms wildly and clicking my heels). anyone taken their laptop overseas? hell if i know how that works.

we have booked all our hostels and flights. it took us FOREVER to decide on a hostel for London. actually about 8 hours. we seriously researched from 12-8PM on sunday. the hostel we went with is called "Bestplace at Paddington". the little ad for the place said: BIG DRINKERS WANTED! STAY HERE IF YOU LOVE BEER! but it's in a great location and also close to a tube station. the cleanliness rating was pretty low and i'm scared. most of the reviews were positive, except the one that read, "there was crap in the toilet and the sheets on the bed gave me a rash, but other than that, it was a blast!!" awesome. i saw some sleeping bags at academy for about 8 i may be investing. i'd like to avoid rashes altogether.

as i said in my tweet, we decided to cut out paris from the trip. i'm pretty sad because i've always wanted to visit, but i'll save it for another time. now we're going to spend 4 nights in London, 4 nights in Barcelona and 3 in Madrid. i am absolutely sure that we will be l-i-v-i-n.

i also need to do a pre-pack to make sure that i don't take too much. i need to keep it as light as possible because you know i'll be on a rampage at those london shops. kristy and i plan on packing early and practicing lugging out stuff around by taking a lap around our building. we'll look like tools but it'll be good preparation.

ok, so here's my list:

- buy adapter/converter/something to charge my 'lectronics.
- buy chlorox wipes for those dirty ass hostels.
- buy sleeping bag to avoid the clap.
- do 100 crunches every night. and maybe some moves that make my ass look less cheesy. 
- pack for the dry run and take a lap to make sure i can carry all my shart.
- watch happy-go-lucky.
- finalize packing. 
- take a shot.
- pop a tylenol pm.
- board flight and pass out.

just kidding. i don't mess with pills...



Lissa said...

you are a funny girl.
i hope you do manage to avoid the clap, but if you aren't so lucky -- cheer up! -- it will be a great story to tell over happy hour.
i am sicky jealous that you are going to europe. sickly.

Shivonne said...

the clap? honestly laura, what would i do without you? that right there shows how awesome you are.

now, i'm by now means an expert traveler (hell, i brought 150 lbs of luggage with me to 'backpack' with, but i try my best) but here is the little i know:
-i bought this awesome converter/adaptor thingy for like 20 bucks from target that is interchangeable for different countries-you just slide whichever plug you need for your 'lectronics on one side and click in place the one you need for the wall on the other. genius!
-DEFINATELY go as light as possible on your luggage. i pack very light interchangeable clothes with more accessories to mix things up to save space. lugging your weight in luggage may be a good workout, but is stressful and definitely not fun (plus people on the tube get REAL annoyed-well more annoyed than usual. they always look real annoyed)
-hostels kinda suck (especially here in australia) but the ones in the uk weren't so bad. just remember, they're basically a glorified luggage storage where you sleep because you will be spending most of your time out on the town so don't stress too much.
-HAVE FUN! take tons of pics for me, and fight through the jet lag. love you!

Dani Dias said...

ummm thats what tylenol is for!! haha
i love you and take too many pics please and thankyou.