Monday, February 25, 2008


ok people, sorry about the lacking in updating. here goes:

i was able to briefly visit austin and got to see dani and brady. i had a ton of fun with dani at ikea - we kept it at $50 (nice!) and played all day long. she is (you are) constantly teaching me new things and being around her makes me giggly and happy. we made fantastic contact cards and she taught me some mad photoshop skills. addicted.

i'm in love with brady. that's all there is to it.

ok...i was debating on whether or not to talk about this because i'm super nervous, but i had a job interview with Fossil today. i want it bad. more than i've ever wanted a job. it's an incredible opportunity that i will describe in further detail if i get a yes (i will get a yay/nay in the next few days). it's just that good. shoot up a prayer to the big man for me, he's the one who's really interviewing me anyways.

can i just say that i felt like i had an edge whenever i met my 2 interviewers at Fossil - when each of them left me i handed them my swanky business card and said, "here's my contact card...blah blah blah witty comment" - they were very impressed i must say. schwing!

sorry mine is pretty boring this time. lets hope the next post will be full of details and excitement ;)



Shivonne said...

boring? puh-leaz! you're talking about your dream job here! i'm definately praying for you like crazy, but you're right- if this is God's plan for you it will happen. if not, well i guess he has bigger and better things in mind for you! love you and good luck!
p.s. i got the mini version of the fashion book and i LOVE it! thanks for the tip! also, i looked for the radical life changing book but couldn't find it yet. hopefully i'll come across it though...

Whitney said...

haha...schwing!! i love it! and you have a business card?! bery bery niiice. i was laughing when i read that part with the "blah blah blah witty comment"! i love you milk dud! i am def praying for you on this job. it sounds amazing and of course you have an edge! you are THE laura dudney. i love you and hope you get this job since you are soooo excited about it! yay! miss you! we'll be chatting via phone ASAP!

Ivy said...

Ldee. my sweet, sweet heart!

you're gonna get it. & if ya don't, you'll get something EVEN better. Our God as some big ol' plans for you girl.

<3 w/ all my heart.