Wednesday, May 7, 2008

so so so so ready.

so, as you all know because of my mass-texting and out-of-control broadcasting, i will start working at Fossil in less than 2 weeks (Monday, May 19 - to be exact). I'll go in to the new hire orientation, set up my direct deposit, learn all about the benefits, and get my cubicle. i can't tell you how excited i am. i'm still a little nervous though - like it's the first day at a new school or something. good thing i have awesome friends in my life to make me less nervous. 

example: a 3-way call from yesterday:

me: i'm kind of nervous, i mean, what if my coworkers don't like me?
whit & ivy: that's crazy, who could not like you? everyone likes you.
me: i don't know, some people don't like me.
whit & ivy: only stupid whores. 

so there you have it. i'll be ok as long as stupid whores don't work for fossil, and as far as i know, they don't hire them. 

i also have a confession. i did something bad yesterday while shopping at the mall. 
i was shopping all around looking for a BM dress for april's nuptials and went into several stores: Nordy, Express, Macy's, the Dill, Wet Seal (and other silly stores like the seal), the Gap, etc. i liked some of what i saw, and despised a lot of it, too. Until...

i stepped into the Fossil store. 
i'm not gonna lie, i really don't think to shop in Fossil stores. sure, i have fossil watches and a few tops and a skirt - but that's not usually where i go to "shop". let me just

Fossil is SO me. i loved and adored absolutely everything in the store. everything. and the clothes fit me perfectly. the accessories were to die for, the patterns were so mod, the styles were totally vintage - i suppose that's why Fossil describes themselves as "Modern Vintage". but seriously y'all. i had no idea how perfect Fossil was until i was let loose in the apparel (most of the time you just see the accessory stores or fossil brand accessories at dept stores).

long story short, i end up talking to the sales assoc about how i just got a job at corporate blah blah...and then i thought, "i can't talk to this girl about how i got a job with fossil, try on all these clothes, and then walk out. i simply MUST buy some things." well i did. and a mere week and a half before my discount kicks in. i'm such a dumb frick but i could NOT resist. i had been looking for a pair of perfectly fitting high waisted flare jeans to wear with heels. and the top was ADORABLE. and the scarf i could wear with ANYTHING. 

i am so bad. 



Ivy said...

oh my gosh there are so many things i have fallen in love with off of the fossil website. my birthday is in 8 months...

teeeeeeeeeeehehehe. ok we need to plan. i got a lot of fun cute shower games from the psychos at work...

Shivonne said...

i adore shopping nirvana experiences. sigh. and it always happens when you least expect it (not when you REALLY need something specific now...i think the shopping gods have a sense of humor). anywho, i'm SOOO glad you are a perfect fit with fossil both professionally and aesthetically. you rock. and, now that i know how awesome their products are via an insider, i will be expecting discount abuse. love you loml!
p.s. do you think if i call one of y'all and then y'all three way someone else that would work so i could be involved in these fun phone sessions? please. thank you. force.