Monday, July 6, 2009

since tuesday

it has certainly been a crazy week, so i'll start with last weekend.

haley threw ivy a date shower - all the gifts were dates for troy and ivy to go on. it was such a lovely shower, haley's house is absolutely adorable and she's a wonderful hostess! i got to stay with ivy all weekend and hang out, which is always a good time. i miss her so much! joshulyn rode to houston with me again, so it was great having a travel companion. we jammed out to michael jackson and basically made ourselves hoarse with some destiny's child, alicia keys and mariah carey - it was a great drive ;)

my bridesmaid dress is back from alterations! isn't it lovely? i love the color and the's just perfect. gonna have to get a pair of spanx and tape myself in the top. we can't have any mishaps on the dance floor, you know.

one of my big accomplishments for the week was cleaning. i had been having trouble sleeping and i think it was due to the fact that my bedroom and bathroom had just gone awry. here's the before and after of my room:
all this to say, i had a bit of a setback on wednesday. i started feeling very sick and went straight to bed when i got home from work. on thursday morning, i felt like death but got up and went in to the office anyway. i lasted about 30 minutes before i couldn't take it anymore and was sent home by virtually everyone who saw me (i looked like something from the thriller video). i stayed in bed all day. we were supposed to all go lay by the pool after work and have some drinks in preparation for the long holiday weekend, but i was too sick to move. i ended up calling my mom to come pick me up and she took me to the doctor. i couldn't even sit up on the dr's bench, i just lay lifeless answering their questions. i had a 104 fever so they gave me some tylenol, swabbed my nose and throat, took blood and x-rayed my chest. then the dr came in and this is exactly how it went:

me: "well, doc, what's the verdict?"
doc: "ok laura, your mono test came back negative, as did your strep test. but, i'm sorry to say you do have the flu."
me: "swine?"
doc: "no, its just human."
me: "well i could have told you that before i walked in here."

then they have me a shot in my ass that hurt like a big dog. i'm not lying, it was so painful. i imagine that's what a vampire bite feels like, judging by how they are described in those books i love... except it was in my ass.

so i stayed at my parent's house all weekend and posted up in the living room. here is my little haven:
so sadly enough, i did not see any fireworks. i watched a few on tv before i had to run to the bathroom and puke up my dinner.

on friday, we all watched a good 2 hours of the dog whisperer and i decided that i was going to whisper our dogs. i did a little experiment with daisy and the treadmill. both days i was there, i put her on it for 5 minutes - she actually walked on it! it was amazing. cesar said that nervous aggressive dogs need to expend their excess energy in order to become more balanced. the funny thing is, daisy did better walking on the treadmill without the leash than when she was on it. she just trotted along without a care in the world - we were cracking up the whole time. boston wasn't having it, she would go stiff and just let the belt take her right off the back.

go daisy!

so here i sit, monday afternoon. just chillin on the couch. lucky i'm sick too, because bos got sick last night and i was up with her for most of it. i was sitting with her on the floor and then woke up this morning with bos in my arms...on the floor next to my bed. needless to say, we slept in a bit.

my to do list today:
- check my work email - done
- blog - yep
- start my new book, the time traveler's wife
- watch a couple flicks
- repeat.



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Shivonne said...

well love, i'm glad your flu isn't of the swine persuasion, but i am terribly sorry your sick-especially for the holidays. what a bummer. i reckon boston felt so sorry for his mama that it made him sick himself. also, the dog whisperer is AWESOME. you'll have to show me your skills in august!

Toothfairynotes said...

hahahaha! I think cleaning is a big accomplishment as well :P haha

the dress looks good on you!