Tuesday, June 23, 2009

tuesday shmoozday

it's tough move into a not-so-good week when you're coming off a great weekend. today was hard - it's inexplicable to anyone i don't work directly with, so i'll leave it at that: it was a hard day. i'm just lucky to be surrounded by some really supportive people who encourage me and make me excited to still come to work every morning.

brady came in town this weekend to hang out - we had a ton of fun! jazz on thursday, aboca's on friday and amigo's on saturday. we ate pretty well :) aboca's is an amazing italian restaurant near our apartment where you bring your own wine. absolutely incredible food. we spent saturday at my parent's house just chillin outside with the dogs and lounging around.

bos loves going on walks. we take her and daisy to the little park near the house and let them off their leashes to run around - they totally dig it. here's bos catching her breath after a good jaunt - i love that she's smiling :)
my cousin emily is in town from florida, i'm really glad i got to hang out with her these past 2 weekends! she's gorgeous and growing up really fast. and isn't my mom beautiful?

ps. can i just say that my parents are the best people ever? they just celebrated their 30 year anniversary and still completely adore each other. my dad made a book on his mac filled with photos of them from the last 30-plus years (they were high school sweethearts). he also made a dvd slideshow - i get choked up every time i watch it. fred and charlotte are the bomb, seriously. and their prom picture is SO funny!

my dad is the best. he's probably the most thoughtful man in the entire world - he loves making people smile. i love the way he loves my mom. he's so smart, so supportive and so loving. last week, he picked up boston and took her to the vet for me because i was so busy with work - and took care of her like she was his own child. he just knew how much that means to me, so he selflessly does things like that all the time. fred. is. amazing.

i've also inherited my quirky music taste from him...one thing i've always loved is 80's goodness. so imagine my delight when i realized that my favorite cover band, LC ROCKS, plays shows at the sherlocks in addison on a regular basis!! dallas just went WAY up in my book. i always used to complain that going to see LC Rocks at sherlocks on wednesdays was one big thing i really missed about living in austin. now my life has changed - bethany and i got to rock out this saturday: complete with fist pumps, beers and cougars on the prowl. gotta love it.

deal of the day: after work i went to half price books (correction: i had a beer with christy and amber...THEN i went to half price books. i spent $27.58 and got 22 books*. boomshackalacka.

keep it real, y'all.

*they aren't bullshit books either. HPB was just having a crazy clearance 50-cent sale. i seriously hit the jackpot.


Shivonne said...

hey lover,
i know how you feel about the 'rents. come to think of it, the lomls really lucked out in the parenting department-we all have amazing families. sometimes i forget how wonderfully blessing that is and then i remember and i'm like 'dang i'm one lucky girl.'
oh, btw, totally jealous of your book haul. maybe we should start a book exchange program, no?
love you!
p.s. i hope your week gets better