Thursday, October 15, 2009


if you know me really really well, you know that i am having a bit of a rough day/week/month/year. i am needing some prayer right now bigtime.

this weekend i'll be going to my folks' place to dogsit (we got a new dog who is being nursed back to to come when i feel better). aside from watching the OU game with some friends in dallas, i'll be resting up at home. i need to catch up on reading and will most likely watch the following movies:

- 27 dresses
- happy-go-lucky
- legally blonde (if i start feeling really bad)

all in all, i have a new found respect for jennifer aniston. i wish i could ask her for advice. i am so dramatic.


Jenn said...

I've missed your blogs! I hope things start picking up for you! I'll keep you in my prayers, let me know if I can do anything else!

Shivonne said...

hi love!
hope you had a restful, recuperative, and relaxing weekend to make up for the drama rama blues. you know that everything will work out per God's plan so even when things seem tough, salvation from your troubles is just around the corner. you're always awesome in my book if that counts for anything. love you dear friend and hope things are looking up!

HaNgiN' wiTh tHe BrAdfORdS said...

JUST wanted to tell you that i love you. i have no idea what is it that you're going through right now, but i love you. you are STRONG bc Jesus is in your heart, so you can so get through whatEVER it is! doesn't mean it's easy though :(

im praying for you! and ps- brian, ave, and i went to the village last sunday and we LOVED. i think we found out church home on our FIRST TRY. THANK YOU JEEEEESUS :)

ps- you are beautiful.

Ivy said...

i wub you.