Monday, December 14, 2009

sorry to disappoint.

but sparks did not fly. don't get me wrong, fun was had. there was a fantastic group dinner at chuy's, 80's night at lotus, mini golf, sister hazel...all great, wonderful things. but i just wasn't feeling the romance. and that's ok! i didn't get jumped, murdered, or anything awful like that. it was just a bit awkward. like, sofa king awkward.see? we totally had fun. i let him beat me in mini golf.
anyways, i think it's just that i'm not attracted to the european type. you know: thin, uber trendy, real serious about dance moves, mysterious accent, etc. honestly, show me a chubster who can't dress himself and wants to curl up on the couch and watch sportscenter with me...and i'm down for the count, swoon city. i wish i was kidding.

but i would have to say that this sister hazel concert was definitely the highlight of the weekend. they were phenomenal, i forget how much i love that band. they were rockin' it too. the lead guitar player was ridiculous. i loved how much fun those dudes looked like they were having up there too. they were genuinely having a blast, laughing and jammin' out. so sweet.

i also loved their opener, tyrone wells. he was cutie with some pipes and lovely lyrics. i have definitely become a fan...check out sea breeze...

sunday afternoon was spent on the terrace. bos and i laid outside on the couch and read for almost 3 hours before falling asleep. it was dark when i woke up...and it was awesome.
and so another week begins.



Shivonne said...

so my little laura's the deal. this morning i got my little proactive productive booty out of bed early so i could run errands this morning before work. last minute style i popped into the library just to check my email quickly and came across your random post. can i say i almost died as i only had time to scan what craziness was going on in the world according to laura and then had to rush off to work without a sufficient read. so after work i dutifully returned to the library so i could find out what was going on with your international visitor. lo and behold this second updated post appeared. jackpot. well my dear, sorry no sparks were had, though that might simplify things a bit. i love your adventures and most of all i love you my dear friend.