Tuesday, December 22, 2009

cubie love and NYResolution #1.

i'm a messy person, i just am. so to kick off my list of new years resolutions, i'm going to start with keeping my cubicle clean. if i surround myself in a less cluttered environment, i'm bound to experience less stress in my life. right?! if i clean my cube all my problems will be solved! LOL!

to do lists...my favorite thing. especially on tuesdays when i title it: Tue-Do List. aaaahhahaha!
"you are small and good" - you read that right.
crap. it's just everywhere. i think there's a fall 2010 eyewear collection in there somewhere...
i mean, everywhere.
i can't believe it's been 19 months since i started working here. the above photo represents 19 months of crap building up since i started. i am a hoarder. but not in 2010.
*please ignore the photos from that-time at the beginning of that post and focus on the fresh, clean cubie toward the end. i'm a masochist, MWAHAHA!



Jenn said...

Good luck in 2010 being more organized! I have the same goal, we can support eachother, ha!