Tuesday, November 3, 2009

what i dressed up as for halloween:

WWIIILLLLMMMAAAAAi was Wilma Flintstone...homemade
heather was a butterfly/ballerina...adorable
penny was a witch :)
also - her surgery went well. we found out that she was actually pregnant...which, in her state was life threatening. she probably got jumped when she was living on the streets (that makes me tear up...poor thing, she's still a puppy!). the vet said that while obviously the puppy (there was only 1) would be half chihuahua, it looked really large and would definitely kill her if we went through with the pregnancy. plus, it was probably all sorts of unhealthy, since when we got penny, she had a tapeworm AND ringworm... it was a very sad situation. my dad picked her up from the vet today and she's doing really well. we're all kind of sad about the whole thing...but we're really glad she's ok now.

bos was my little pumpkin
aka. best night ever.

at one point in the night...
Liz: "Zach is HOOOTTTTT"
Zach: "Thanks"
Liz: "he talked to me. did you hear that?"



Adorably Distracted... said...

awww you looked do cute in your wilma costume! Glad your puppy is ok!

The Sturgeon's Story said...

You look so cute! What did you make your necklace out of? That's so sad about your dog... I am convinced Lola (my bloodhound) will be a virgin forever. Glad she's OK!

Ivy said...

you are so so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee!

cant wait to see you OH so soon! can i wear your cool necklace to your bday party?