Wednesday, August 19, 2009


i've been wanting a tattoo for a really long time. and if you're close to me, you know that because of the fact that i am an over-committer, i always go all out. the desire for a tattoo started out being something small that could not be seen (when i was a senior in high school)...then i moved on to something small that was in plain sight but not entirely noticeable (college) now. now, i have the mentality: "why would i get a tattoo that no one could see?" why?

the actual tattoo art has never changed. i've always wanted a lily because they are my favorite flower (it also reminds me of 'lovely' which is my favorite word)...i also love that they are mentioned in the new testament in similes describing beauty (song of solomon), then again in the old testament to illustrate the fact that God always provides (matt 6:28/luke 12:27).

i want this lily on my left shoulder...not so much on my back, but up on the shoulder/almost arm. in my head, i am thinking that i will eventually want to add on to this to have sort of a pretty floral design with a bird or a butterfly...something very feminine and inspired by nature. many people are trying to talk me out of this. "but what about when you're old?" well...i won't be wearing tube tops when i'm a saggy old hag. and i bet i'd be a badass grandma anyway. "but what about you're wedding?" well...i want my wedding outside and i WANT it to be visible on my body in my wedding dress. "but what if guys don't like it?" i will not be marrying anyone who isn't 100% in love with all that i am.

so the logical solution was to get a henna tattoo just to see what a design would look like on my skin. if it looks silly...then there you go: no tat. i really was expecting to get the henna and realize that it will look ridiculous and back out. but then joshulyn told me that she knew of a place, so after work today we went and got tatted up (henna, that is):
i'm getting my camera ready to take a photo of joshulyn: "ok, i'm going to make a face like it hurts so it looks like i'm getting a real tat."
they do not hurt one bit. actually, it is kind of nice.
joshulyn workin' it after she got her wrist-tat. loving it.
i didn't really care about the actual design that was on me. what i really wanted was something along those same lines in the location that i wanted so i could just see what it looked like on my body.

and i'm digging it.

i didn't so much like what she did...but i liked where it was...what it could be...

when i scrapped off the goop that had dried, the henna paint that was left over was so faint that i could barely see it. it was like it was never there. i became very sad and decided that the real thing must happen very soon. but don't be scared, no no. i'm not getting a sleeve or anything, people. i'm not getting color. i'll be starting out with my simple lily and see what happens.

(ps. the lily image on my blog title is the actual design).

and that's what's going on in my world. riveting, isn't it?



The Sturgeon's Story said...

I've had my tattoo since I was 17 and I have never once regretted it!! I love the meaning behind yours, I say go for it. You only live once.

rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...

DO IT. i'll live vicariously through you on this one :)

Dani Dias said...

yeah i don't regret mine either. and i agree with the boy thing... well put! I love you.

Ivy said...

haha when i first got to this pst and just scrolled through the pictures so i could see i wa slike umm i realy hope laura did not get that wierd design all over her arm. :) lilly -= good. wierd design ALL over your arm = bad.

Shivonne said...

you go laura! i'm in total agreement about tattoos: they're very personal, very expressive, and there for YOU. i think you've been very rational by choosing a design and location and giving yourself plenty of time to think it over (i waited a year after deciding my design on both tattoos before going ahead with them). i can't wait to see your new art work!