Sunday, August 30, 2009

august end update

i am shocked at how quickly this summer has flown by. it has truly been a whirlwind. i started out going to london and spain, celebrated my one-year at fossil, watched my best friend get married (and all the other events that surrounded the big day) and have grown to really appreciate Dallas and the wonderful friendships, new and old, that i have both here and around the world. now it's about to be september and even though it'll still be scorching hot here...we're moving into fall. can you believe i STILL have yet to lay by the pool at my apartment...or any pool for that matter? too busy.

i did, luckily, get a chance to go to the lake with kristy and her family. we had a blast just laying on the boat, doing a little wakeboarding and watching her nephews swim. those kiddos are a couple of cuties! i really hope that i have a few boys of my own someday :)

cason and bryson...diggin the lake

i also had a bit of an action-packed week, what with dinner parties, kickball practice, happy hours and all that jazz. my mema was in town from florida so i got to have lunch with her and my daddy one afternoon and then dinner at my aunt and uncle's house one evening.

so by friday (after happy hour with joshulyn), i was exhausted. so i just took it easy on the couch with a book and then called it a night early. this was also due to the fact that i had to be at the kickball fields at 7:45AM on saturday morning for the corporate challenge kickball tournament. we spent ALL day out there and after 5 games, Fossil took home the bronze. it was good times.
today was lovely too! joshulyn, aaron and i went to the village this morning (dallas campus...yay!) - it was SO nice to drive 15 minutes to church as opposed to the 40 it was taking me to get to the highland village campus. and when kristy and i move at the end of the month...i'll be even closer. score.
after church, J and i went to cafe express and sat on the patio for lunch, it was a perfect afternoon. i also went to half price books and bought a couple shorties. i came home and sat on the couch with bos for the rest of the day and read A Grief Observed by CS Lewis. i really liked it...very haunting yet comforting. i will definitely re-read it throughout my life.

so that's it for the catch-up.